Transforming Consciousness – The Path of the Mystic


The Spiritual Mystic is one whose awareness is beyond the physical. They are acutely aware there is more to life than what they are now experiencing. They are aware it can be different. They understand the world can be more loving and peaceful, that poverty and pollution are unnecessary, and that there is enough for everyone. The Spiritual Mystic wants to play a role in creating that world.

The Mayan Calendar Foresees the End of Time

To make a difference, the mystic must acknowledge is role in creating reality and return to living in the now. This is what we are being asked to do. A calendar keeps time. The Mayan calendar ends in 2012. Without a calendar there is no time to keep track of. Therefore, time as we know it is metaphorically ending in 2012. What are we to do without time? Live in the Now.

Past Memories Keep Us from The Now

How is it that we are not living in the now? Most of us live in the past with memories we carry forward. These are thoughts and energies of past events for which we created stories around. Out of them came belief systems. For example, one of our parents may have left us when we were young. We created a story that we are not worthy of our parent’s love. This pattern through the Law of Attraction continues to replay itself throughout our lives. It is a memory being replayed. An old movie we get to see over and over again. Eventually we get tired of the same old movie and the path of the mystic calls to us.

To move beyond and create a new movie you must leave the memories of the past behind and come into the now. However, this is deceptive and discernment is required. You can live in the now in either of two ways: 1) you can be self-absorbed or 2) be a non judgmental observer of life.

We have all been taught to be self-absorbed, to strive for our own happiness and for those who are close to us. The spiritual mystic is taught to feel his feelings. This is a good first step. Any feeling that is suppressed, blocks the flow of energy. But any feeling that is coming from a past memory is not free. It is more of the same. We want to be able to feel what is happening in the moment, not bring emotional charge from the past to into our life today. This is joy. How do we know the difference? If we are reacting with an emotional charge, it is likely coming from the past.

Being the Observer

To be the Observer is to be fully present in the now. It is to be passively, nonjudgmentally reflective of each event that comes into your awareness. You begin to see your life and actions as pertaining to a larger macrocosm of life. You must observe your life as if you were seeing it through eyes of another. Simply watch the effects of love or fear, laughter or sorrow, pain or freedom.

When you get to the place of observing without judgment, a new awareness will arise. You realize you are accountable for your actions. Not in a way that is good or bad, right or wrong but that you are a powerful creator capable of unimaginable feats of the holy and beautiful. There is no blame. From this place you can tell if your actions are in alignment with Divinity. Your inner sight will open to allow you to discern truth.

The Key to Seeking Truth

For years, many teachers have promoted this path, yet it seems hard for us to apply this knowledge. It is because the ego interferes and we think we know. We must surrender control to seek the truth. We don’t know all the answers but Divinity does. When we let go of the memories of the past, we surrender to the present moment. We create a void that can be filled with inspiration and, if we are pure, can only come from Divinity.

However, most of us are not ready for the whole truth. We hide from it and alter it, so it can fit into our life. We think we are free, yet we delude ourselves and remain stuck. The transformation of our consciousness is directly proportional to how deeply we surrender and how much truth we are willing to accept.

How to Know

There is a way to measure how open and surrendered we are. When we consciously connect our breath, a trained breathwork facilitator can tell if your breath pattern is open and surrendered or tight and controlled. Observing your breath pattern is the best way for you to learn who is in control: ego or God. This is primarily reflected in the exhale which will be forced if ego is in control or relaxed if we are surrendered to our Higher Will. A trained breathwork facilitator can help you undo this pattern. You will then be free to follow the path of the mystic, seek truth and live in the now.

The old ways no longer work. It is time for you to step forward. You are being asked to do more. That is why you are here at this time and place. You chose to be here. There is a much larger role for you to play than you are aware. You are here to assist in the end of time. Life calls to you to help restore harmony and balance between all of life. Surrender and come into the now and make a difference for love.

Dave Krajovic

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