True Love Co-creating – A Third Song


In June, I had the joy and honor of facilitating a wedding between two friends.  I have never done a wedding, nor do I normally do them. But my friends’ union was such a beautiful, living expression of True Love, I was guided to participate!
Through reading this article, you will have the opportunity to “join me” for this amazing wedding. The quotes on “What is love?” from the bride (Abby) and the groom (Jim) are powerful and speak to your soul.  And what spirit wrote through me describing their love was nothing less than profound and delicious! Enjoy.
Jim:  True Love is eternal, unconditional, and selfless. It is without limits and boundaries. When the condition exists that you want nothing from another person, but desire everything for them that leads to their highest good, then there is love. When both people want the knowing of Divine True nature for each other, and will help support each other to achieve that goal, then there is mutual love. Divine Love.  True Love is not based on sex, emotion, or infatuation…it transcends lust, greed, and all personal needs. True Love is joyous, nurturing, and pure.
Abby:  True Love is a warm blanket of calm over all else. When I say, “I Love You” it is a soul to soul connection, I am saying, “The depth of me sees, supports, and wants to mesh with the depth of you.” The connection of Love, of being in True Love, sees beyond the murk, the issues, and the ego.  It knows a beauty beyond the mind; our heart feels it and knows. True Love is a blanket of calm and love…that True Love…IS God.  When we are in God within, and we see God in the other, we ARE Divine Love.


Barbra:     Jim and Abby have decided to make their love the holiest of unions. A devotion to the One magnified in their union. Their love is a commitment to becoming the next greatest version of themselves through their loving.
Our way of Being in our life is like learning how to play an instrument.  We ‘play’ these instruments by practicing Being true to ourselves, through forgiveness, compassion, meditation, prayer, and deep inner witnessing.  We must be courageous enough to grow and choose love on a daily, and sometimes moment by moment, basis. If we remain willing to grow in our awareness and choose love even in what we think are the dark times, we become masters of the instruments God has given us.
Each of us has a mandate from spirit to tune our instruments to play the music of Love, Joy and God.  In loving ourselves and healing our (emotions, beliefs) we realize we are Love. In this realization we live, move, and have our Being-ness in God-Love. Having your Being in Love-God starts with your inner work, and you can only express what you have experienced or awakened within. This Love we express is not dependent on conditions, or circumstance, but rather is a realization of our inner Being.
When we choose love in the dark moments and witness our inner fears through meditation and self-love we are playing our instruments to benefit others. Our Being, meaning the way we walk, talk and act, naturally without trying, becomes music that heals others. Our presence heals others in our living example.  In our own inner growth and self-love, we teach others by simply Being ourselves.
Abby and Jim are masters of their instruments. Each person has taken years to know themselves and cultivate their inner divine qualities of compassion, humility, reverence, insight, joy, and wisdom. They both in their living and service have played great music to benefit others. Each plays a great Song expressing Love, in, through, and as them. Each person has given fully of themselves to others, and humanity.  Each person before meeting each other has loved humanity for the sake of Love and for no other reason or attachment.
But there comes a time when God knows we would benefit more people by joining another masterful musician. When two people who have turned their instruments into the expression of creation come together, they create a ‘Third Song.’  This Third Song is a sound, a vibration, a force or great symphony that is ‘played’ in their loving.
This Third Song benefits all those around them. When people feel this Third Song they are reminded of the beauty and love within themselves. When people see the Third Song shared between Jim and Abby they are reminded of God and inspired to Love.
We only attract what we are willing to become. You only get what you express.  By uncovering their inner divine light Jim and Abby have attracted the light of another.
Most couples are afraid of another’s growth. In self-growth you are continually becoming the next version of yourself. This can threaten a person in a ‘normal’ relationship. This is not this union. As each of you continue to grow within and serve you will get to know the next wonderful version of Jim…of Abby.  As such, your union will continue to become something far greater than you think.
Our life and innate gifts belong to humanity. As both of you know, it is in the giving of your Life and Gifts to God, to humanity, that we feel One.  Abby, the Love Jim gives to you belongs to you, but not only you. Jim, the love Abby gives to you, belongs to you, but not only you. Continue to let the Love you share, this Third Song you create in your loving, belong to God, and to humanity. It is in this reverence of what you share, and what you give that it remains sacred.
Each of you have already, and will continue to, grow in your inner experience and awareness of the True Love You Are and share.  Let marriage be the beginning of getting to know each other and challenging each other into greater loving.  Let this commitment today be the beginning and not the end.  Re-commit and reevaluate your union every month. Continue to cheer each other along and compassionately share when the other is out of integrity. Support each other’s dreams, aspirations, and spiritual expansion, and never fall into the illusion that the True Love you share belongs to you alone.
The True Love you share is experienced, felt, and expressed, but you are never done learning. Most couples give love to get love back, and marriages become a ‘trade agreement’ for love. “I give you security you give me validation.” This is not this union.  Jim and Abby, continue to give love to each other as an expression of the Love you come to realize within yourself and NOT as a validation.
True Love can only happen between two who have come to know a high level of Love or God within.  True Love is ever evolving, changing, and expanding into greater good. This Love you both share will continue to expand each of you into knowing the Love and Divinity within. This True Love…this Third Song you are both playing now, in your loving, creates a stronger energetic foundation for your service to others and has already allowed a broader expansion of who God intended you to Be.
“Do you Abby, vow to Love Jim, strengthen his connection to the Divine, be of lifelong benefit to his existence and in your union be of service to humanity?
Abby says, “I do.”
“Do you Jim, vow to Love Abby, strengthen her connection to the Divine, be of lifelong benefit to her existence and in your union be of service to humanity?
Jim says, “I do.”
The wedding was a spectacular experience of Love and connection. Personally for me now, my commitment and service to Love, God, and humanity keeps me full and joy-filled. I am excited to one day participate in a love like Jim and Abby’s.  Sharing love with another ‘masterful musician’ can only take a person to deeper levels of the Soul that cannot be found alone.  Such is the adventure of the Third Song.
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Barbra White


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