Prosperous Careers Daily Affirmation


AFFIRMATIONS with Deborah:
Affirmation can help you create Deeper
Relationship with Self and Others

Prosperous Careers Daily Affirmation

I am so joyous and grateful for the continuous flourishing of creative expression within my career. It flows within me and from me, positively impacting the lives of numerous others. I am blessed and help others to see that they are also. Within my work world, I am enjoying vigorous and healthy growth on a daily basis. Vast economic well-being, advancement and marked success are my daily experiences. I connect with, and follow, my Divine purpose. I allow it to unfold in ways greater than I have ever imagined. I am an eternal optimist. My career “cup” is full and overflowing with creative ideas, inspiration, fun and adventure. I am at peace with my decisions since I “tune into” Spirit’s guidance and support every moment of every day.

Daily, I choose to release and let go of any attachment to “conditions” and, instead, focus on how Truth, goodness, mercy and joy are with me, and within me, always. I release my work to its greatest and highest good. I choose to serve others in a heartfelt, generous, compassionate manner. Harmony and respect are paramount within my relationships with clients, customers, staff, colleagues and bosses. I easily forgive and let go of strife, perceived hurts, judgments and misunderstandings. I allow Spirit to help me see the true essence of those I work with continuously. As a result, my career relationships continue to grow in mature, healthy ways.

My career presents numerous opportunities of an expanded expression of my authentic self. God’s grace vastly covers and protects my work world daily. I always remember that the love of God greets me wherever I go. I play “full out” and “show up” authentically regarding my ideas, beliefs, ethics and values. I demonstrate my talents, abilities and optimism openly. Each day I remember how God is my source and my work place is merely a channel. I am open to new and unexpected channels coming to me daily. This or something better. So be it.
Thank you, God!

Deborah Bogle

Deborah is the owner of Helping Hearts Heal. She  is highly skilled and works very intuitivity with her clients. Certified in Clinical Psychology, MI Limited Licensed Psychologist (L.L.P.), Trained Addictions Counselor You can contact her at: (248) 244-2060

Please visit her site at: and download three FREE inspirational tools.

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