Trusting in the Creator


Do you ever fear that what you’re going through is too tough for you to handle? That you don’t have enough to be comfortable and safe? And what about that financial security you desire and have been told you need to have? What if you are depending on external situations and environments to alleviate your fears?

When you have the knowledge, the faith that our Creator has you in the palm of the hand, you get to release all those fears of uncertainty. With the Creator on your side, you know that all is for your own good, for your own lessons and growth towards your best being… towards self-actualization.

We, the children of the Creator, are entitled to the perfect trust and love that comes from the knowledge that we are, in fact, the Divine children of the Creator and it is our birthright to have this perfect trust and love. With this, we can let go of our fears and let the Creator do the game planning to get us to where we are meant to go.

Until we actually achieve and integrate this, we tend to waste our time and true creativeness on meaningless attempts to make ourselves comfortable and secure by means outside of ourselves. When we trust and know the Creator has our back, it allows us to fulfill our ability to love and create; letting go of the fear of the unknown. We let go of the fear that we are unlovable or unworthy because we KNOW we are lovable and worthy as children of the Creator.

Letting go of the fear of the unknown by trusting in the Creator allows us to develop to our full potential, becoming the most we are meant to be and fulfilling our life’s purpose while experiencing life to the fullest with love and trust.


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