Time is NOW!


It is time to unlock the genius within. Allow it to surface in order to take notice of the world that awaits it. This is how ONE must see themselves to be, a genius. There is not ONE soul that does not hold a special gift to serve humanity with. Let us, as a collective, rise to take part in the potential that is waiting to be expressed. Let go of the division amongst those who use racism and bigotry as a self-serving propaganda tool. They are suffering. We must be the example we wish them to be. Let us not criticize, but apologies, for that part of us that is seeking attention through destructive means.

Those whom we allow to get under our skin are only trying to purge that unpleasant side of us and replace it with unconditional LOVE. Yes, this is on a subconscious level, nonetheless, there is a plan. Life, with its ups and downs, will challenge us with every opportunity in order to check our personal growth. All we must do, singularly and collectively, is to allow gratitude and forgiveness plenty of space to mature. Stay patient with every obstacle and soon enough the blessings will begin to surface and reward accordingly. Promote self-awareness. Love patiently. Dream often.

Always my Best! William Helton, Mind Body Nutrition Coach. Contact Bill at 313-207-4483.


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