Unconditional Love Lost


Unconditional Love Lost
By Pauline Dettloff

In last month’s article, I wrote about unconditional love. What happens when unconditional love is one-sided? It can happen with a loved one, our children, our parents, our friendships or significant other. As you all know, I write from my heart.

I try to love everyone unconditionally. I think we all do because we don’t know where other people are in their minds, their emotions, what has happened in their life, or where they come from. All of us need love. That’s just the way of the world.

In the animal kingdom, they may not accept one another, but they still sleep together — how funny is that. The same thing happens to us. How many of us live in a situation where love or kindness is no longer there? You’re still trying to be nice and show unconditional love to your partner, to your children and people in general, but when you lose the unconditional love towards someone and you get stuck, you have to leave the situation of unhappiness and try to remember when you really loved that person a long, long time ago. Why did it change? What happened to change this person, making them someone completely different now?

Or, have you changed or grown? How do you live with that? In your mind and in your heart it’s so completely lost. You start to un feel, you just exist in a relationship that no longer is fun, which no longer serves you as who you are. It’s not being selfish to move on to find someone that makes you happy. You have to be happy with you first!

Here’s my suggestion. You only get one time here. You don’t get a redo and you can’t change anything that happened yesterday…..So STOP thinking about yesterday because you can’t fix it or change anything! Start thinking about today. Start your morning out with a smile and try to keep it all day. I say to myself when I think negatively of the past, “Your life is going to be amazing, even better than I thought.”

We can scare up some crazy dark thoughts, but why go there? When I change my thinking, I laugh out loud. Do as they do in the movie, “Sound of Music,” and dance, sing, be silly and be happy. When you start to like you, to love you, nothing else matters because when it comes to your happiness and well-being, your mind and your heart, nothing can matter because you have to unconditionally love you first. We can change our thinking and bring positive energy into our lives. I need to dream; I need to be happy.

Here at Michigan Psychic Fair, we care about you.

With love and light Pauline Dettloff


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