Use Discernment to Improve Your Life


By Miche Lame

Do you ever wonder why your life is not the way you’ve dreamt of? That things are hard, not fair, no one cares, and there’s always drama? Ever wonder what your purpose in life is? Why are you here?

That’s because you are unconnected with your inner wisdom, your divine wisdom, and so are unable to actually use your divine connection with all the infinite wisdom of the divine. When we are unconnected with the divine, we cannot discern what next step we can take to improve our life from an inner sense, our Higher Self.

You have the power to create your life. You do it all the time. How can you use discernment to create your life? As mentioned above, strengthening your connection with God or the Divine is the first step. When we make it an intentional habit to check in, this connection can guide us toward our highest good. And that is really what discernment is, taking a breath, stepping back, observing what’s really going on, and intentionally checking in with the divine, your Higher Self, for guidance to what the best thing is to do moving forward. Then, patting that cute little ego on the head, yelling for attention, let it know you heard it, and are doing what the divine is guiding you to do.

As you strengthen this practice more, the answers come quickly, and there is a feeling that settles in your heart center that you start to recognize. For me, this feeling is like a “chunking” or “settling” a “release,” and my heart feels expansive. Often, my heart sings! Practice, see what works for you and how your Higher Self lets you know you are connected, and allow your Higher Self to guide you as to the next action you can take on your path.

So, how does using discernment improve your life? For one, when we are connected with the divine, we are actually connected with our True Self, our Higher Self. We can see situations from a higher or more divine perspective as an impartial observer. Our little self, the ego, and all our preconceived patterns of thought are eliminated, and we experience from our souls with love, acceptance, and empathy. Our lives become more holy and graceful and have a lack of drama.

This shows up with us having healthier relationships and better boundaries, yet also having more compassion and empathy, all demonstrated in healthier ways. We tend to be less empty, jealous, and reactive and lean towards feelings full of love, connection, and expansiveness. Our emotions tend to be more stable as we are less reactive – and eventually, we have an underlying sense of inner joy supporting us.

When we are connected with our Source and responding from that connection, we have more time for inner connection and knowing what our purpose is and what the next step towards fulfilling our life purpose is. Our Higher Self acts like the divine guide to completing our life’s purpose as it was always meant to be. We also have increased insight into ourselves and the ability to “see” into others while keeping their dysfunctional energy separate from us because now we have boundaries. We have more compassion knowing they are lost and are just trying to find their way, like us. We recognize them for the divine sisters and brothers they are. Often, others will notice a change in us and start to ask us what we did to have that easy flow, this connection with joy. And, you’ll be able to be the light that guides them to the light – using discernment.

Love and Light,

Miche Lame’, M.A.L.L.P


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