What Are You ACCEPTING in Your Life?


The highlight for the October, Body Mind Spirit Guide is ACCEPTANCE. October is the time of changing leaf colors and blooms wilting and falling, with seeds burrowing into the soil preparing for regrowth in the spring. Transformation is happening all around us in nature, and perhaps in our own lives too. People come and go, life events occur like weddings, births, deaths, and diagnoses. We are told that acceptance helps us through life’s changes. “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.” Acceptance can seem PASSIVE, almost like doing nothing or giving in or giving up. Well, I beg to differ!

Acceptance takes EFFORT, DETERMINATION, USING OUR INNER STRENGTH and ACTIVELY MAKING A DECISION. It is imperative to realize WHAT we are accepting — What part of the situation are we accepting? For example, if we are told we have a chronic disease, do we accept this diagnosis, and feel sorry for ourselves and figure we will not have a very fun future? Or, do we DECIDE that that diagnosis is NOT us, not the real and whole truth. When we understand AND embrace who and Whose we really are, we can use our inner strength and wisdom to BELIEVE we are so much more than that diagnosis. We may HAVE that disease, but we ARE not that disease.

And we understand the diagnosis can change because we know everything is constantly changing — in our bodies, in nature, and in the world. We can accept this Truth, but not the diagnosis. What we focus on, grows. Putting our efforts and determination in thoughts, such as we are individualized expressions of God and made in his image, we know we do not inherit sickness. If God is whole, healthy, omnipotent, and perfect, then so are we! Accepting this takes effort, determination, and inner strength. Powerful stuff!

Synonyms for acceptance, according to Webster, are welcoming, favorable reception, embracing, approval, adoption, and integration. We need to welcome and embrace thoughts and feelings that benefit us and those around us. Accepting or favorably receiving words and experiences that bring us joy, and memories that make us feel fulfilled and peaceful are what most of us desire. We get to choose what we ACCEPT in our lives as the truth.

What truths do you accept in order to get through life’s changes -– as individualized expressions of omnipotence?


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