What Happens When We Die? (part 2)


As I lay in my hospital bed recovering from my death experience, I felt overwhelmed with all that had occurred while in the dimension of spirit. At first, it seemed unreal even though I had a clear memory of floating above my body communicating with higher spiritual beings. Thinking about what was communicated to me, I wondered why I did not go through a tunnel as described by so many who had near-death experiences. I did not meet any relatives or loved ones — not even Jesus or angels as I knew them. This made me feel that my experience could not be true! Yet clearly, I was dead for an undetermined amount of time as described by Dr. Steward. He said that he could not know exactly, but I was not alive as we know it for at least 30 minutes.

While thinking about all that happened and trying to determine if this had occurred or not, my dear doctor came into my room and sat on the edge of my bed. He said softly, “Tell me what you remember of your experience while you were dead.” At that moment it all became very real — I was dead and what I experienced happened!

In answering him I felt an overwhelming relief to share my journey with him. Well, I felt very light and there seemed to be no gravity holding me down. I felt my body become light as though I were a feather. Feeling the freedom floating upward, suddenly before me were three spheres of light pulsating toward me. I felt a wave of comfort and belonging as if I were a part of this trio of light. Communication with them was just a knowing — not verbal or telepathic.

All three of the spheres seemed to communicate in harmony, almost sounding musical. Mind you, I was only 33 years old at the time of this amazing experience, with two young children and a husband that needed me to come home to them. However, at that moment within the halo of the sphere’s light, being with them seemed more real to me than being connected to my earth life which was fading quickly.

It was communicated to me that I needed to teach others of why we are in the physical life. They said that souls forget who they are and while they are in the earth energy of existence, they become all too wrapped up in their egos and desires, forgetting that they are spirit beings with all the power to become so much more. Fear is the opposite of love. In the spiritual realm we release fear and love becomes the natural order of things, but while on earth in the physical realm fear becomes the dominant force. We can overcome the fearful decisions and reactions we make while in the earthly experience, however, we must remember how to reconnect to our loving spiritual self that is our natural existence.

When making decisions in fear it will manifest as anger, hate, insecurity, dominance of others, jealousy, theft — even killing of one’s self through drugs, alcohol, or killing of others. Earth’s fearful energy is very powerful, and it takes a tremendous amount of faith and reconnection to who we really are to understand how to make better decisions and manifest a more loving connection to our spiritual true self while on earth. We are here to learn and evolve to the next level. As such, we choose to live in this difficult energy in which painful experiences happen. Your souls’ purpose for being on earth is never lost if you allow yourself to meditate and be open to connecting with your true spiritual self which can help you make decisions with higher wisdom and love.

This is a tiny bit of the information that they shared with me that day. There is so much more to the message. A small article is not enough space to share it all, which is why I have given several seminars in the past sharing this in-depth insight as to why we are here. I look forward to sharing through podcasts and books in the future.


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