What is Diamond Inquiry? Part One


By Lou Weir

The kind of inquiry we do in the Diamond Approach could be called Diamond Inquiry. It is an answer to how you look deeper into each present moment and also learn to integrate what you have discovered both in inquiry and in your daily life. It is both simple and also profound. It is always personal and relevant to our lives and practice because it is oriented to our own experience. It also incorporates our knowledge and experiences and deepens both.

Foundational Practice

The practice is based upon the idea that our present experience is connected to our deeper reality and reality as a whole, but we generally do not recognize it. By turning our attention to this, we start to open up to more of the present experience. As in many things, what we turn our attention to, will determine what we can see and experience. As we do this over time, we discover deeper truths of our being and answer the questions of what we are and what reality is.

Although the practice is the primary practice of the Diamond Approach path, it is a practice that can help anyone who is interested in understanding their life. It can be a great addition to help anyone to see deeper into their life.

A Chance to Practice Inquiry

You can’t read about Diamond Inquiry and understand it. The words can whet your appetite, but to understand it, you need to try it. Diamond Heart Michigan offers classes in this practice taught by qualified teachers. 

The next class will begin in September ’23. If you are interested, please get in touch with Lou Weir at diamondworkmichigan@gmail.com.

Next month in Part Two, we will describe the structure of inquiries.


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