What’s Your Sign?


There are many body signs that can be used to look at your health status. We can look at the external indicators, such as the hands, feet, nails, and face. Holistic nutritional chiropractors evaluate the body through the spine, which correlates to the many different glands and body organs. Internal indicators, such as Hair Analysis and Live Blood Analysis, are additional alternative ways to determine your overall functional condition.


Both the hands and feet have reflex points that are a way to look at the inside of your body. An analysis of the hand and foot reflexes can determine tender areas that can indicate stuck energy flows. Massaging the tender hand and foot reflexology points can help restore blocked energy to the corresponding body parts. The dryness of the skin can indicate the overall hydration level of your body, while the coarseness can indicate an imbalance in your hormonal system.


The nails of the hands have long been used as a tool to determine the nutritional status of the body. The size, shape and coloration of your nails can be an indication of specific vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Spots on the nails, ridges and thin, breaking nails are clues to specific systemic deficiencies. Coloration of the nail bed, as well as the skin, can indicate oxygen and iron deficiencies.


The tongue is used in Oriental Medicine to determine the status of various body organs. Evaluation of the shape, color, ridges and lines on your tongue can aid in determining the health status of your body, hydration, and vitamin deficiencies. The shape of your eyes and eyebrows can indicate a hormone imbalance relating to your thyroid and adrenal glands.


The spine is closely related to the nervous system. Each spinal bone or vertebrae correlates to a different body gland or organ due to its influence on specific nerves. For example, upper back pain across the shoulders can often be an indication of liver and gall bladder stress. Middle back pain is commonly an indication of overstressed adrenal glands. A holistic nutritional chiropractor evaluates the nervous system to provide the correct nutritional support for the specific organ or gland that is in need.

Hair Analysis

Hair Analysis measures the minerals in the hair, which is a reflection of the internal changes in body chemistry. Heavy metal toxicity, chronic nutritional deficiencies, the various stages of stress, and persistent metabolic and hormonal imbalances are seen in hair analysis.

Live Blood Analysis (LBA)

The blood provides clues about overall health. It is a unique look at the function of the internal organs and glands. LBA reveals issues that may never be uncovered using traditional methods of blood screening.

LBA is very easy. All it takes is one tiny drop of blood from your fingertip. The blood is carefully placed on a slide and then placed under a high-powered microscope. The live blood is a way to look at the status of your adrenals and thyroid, as well as your hydration level, toxicity level and specific vitamin deficiencies.

At TLC Holistic Wellness we look at many different body signs when evaluating the health status of patients. These indicators are a unique way to look for the hidden piece of the puzzle that can help solve long-standing health issues. Because we use these tools, many patients have found the resolution to their health issues after years of suffering. Visit our website to learn more about these body signs, and how they are used in our Initial No Charge Consultation.

Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D

Dr. Carol Ann Fischer, B.S., D.C., N.D. owns TLC Holistic Wellness in Livonia. She has provided holistic and nutritional recommendations for 26 years as a practicing chiropractor, naturopath-wellness consultant using whole food supplements & live water. Visit www.TLCHolisticWellness.com for more information and free public workshop dates, or call (734) 664-0339.


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