When the Student is Ready the Master will Appear


When the Student is Ready the Master will Appear

In this newly-launched Body Mind Spirit Guide I thought, after writing many articles for this excellent publication, it was time to introduce to you my Spiritual Master, Dr. George King, and The Aetherius Society – the spiritual organization he founded in 1955 after he was contacted by an advanced, extraterrestrial intelligence known as Aetherius.

Following this initial contact, known as The Command, Dr. King’s far-reaching Mission of personal and global healing began. 

I was fortunate to be one of only a hundred close students and disciples worldwide who assisted Dr. King in undertaking his Mission for world peace and enlightenment. 

I studied and worked with him at the two Headquarters of The Aetherius Society in London and later in Los Angeles until his passing in 1997. I later moved to The Michigan Branch with my husband and fellow disciple, Gary Blaze, where we continue to support and promote our Master and his life’s work with other long-time disciples.

I had been searching for truth for many years. I had studied numerous books and the lives of many wonderful Masters, but when I first met Dr. King, I knew he was extraordinary, and I soon learned why. 

Master of Yoga Dr. George King (1919-1997)

He had, through years of focused effort and strict yogic discipline, attained the highest states of consciousness. By the early 1950s, through incredible mental control, he was able to levitate, to dematerialize and re-materialize, and leave his body at will. 

He became an exceptional Medium, at first receiving messages from advanced Masters on the higher mental realms and later from Masters from beyond this world, such as The Master Aetherius, known as Cosmic Masters.

Life was a perpetual inspiration for his other students and me to study under and work with him, for we lived in a constant atmosphere of dynamic and intense spirituality that is difficult to describe in everyday terms. Those twenty-five years seemed like lifetimes of concentrated experience.

Like other Masters I had studied, Dr. King was nothing like the average person. 

My Master was compassionate, sensitive, and wise beyond measure. 

He was a mystic and a poet and yet also a scientist and occultist, strong, tough, and disciplined with himself and those close to him. 

He was a spiritual warrior, determined, and focused on his Mission of world service. As a spiritual teacher, he worked hard with endless patience, compassion, and a wonderful dose of ready humor to help his students learn and grow. 

Dr. King practiced the higher forms of yoga for an average of 8 to 10 hours a day for ten years.

He was a pioneer in the realms of thought; ahead of his time, and yet he was, unlike those other Masters, a man and Master for this Age of science and spirituality – the Aquarian Age. 

Although born in Shropshire in the Midlands of England, it became clear to those who were close to him that he and his Mission were other-worldly. 

He was a visionary, an inventor of spiritual technology, and his Mission was focused 24/7 on bringing light, healing, and love into our world – and giving us the powerful spiritual tools so that all of us – and all his followers today and in the future – can do the same. 

His Mission encapsulated the motto of The Aetherius Society “Service is the jewel in the rock of attainment.”

I learned so much, directly from Dr. King himself and also through the Cosmic teachings of The Aetherius Society, that one of my most heartfelt desires is to share these wonderful teachings with as many people as possible. 

I know from my own experience that these teachings can inspire, guide, heal and strengthen you. They will, if studied and practiced, help you realize the great spiritual riches you have within you. 

And please don’t take my word for it – please do your own research! Always investigate with an open mind and heart and a good deal of intelligence and discernment to find Truth.

Discover more about Dr. George King – www.drgeorgeking.org

Discover more about The Aetherius Society – www.aetherius.org

I know from your interest in spiritual topics that you are seeking truth about yourself, as well as knowledge about the influence of the planets, including the Earth upon which we live.

If you wish to go further in your search for truth, please study these pages with an open mind and heart. I believe they will transform your life for the better – bringing meaning, fulfillment, and joy – just as they do for me.  

The unique teachings of The Aetherius Society offer powerful ways to unlock your inner potential. They will answer the deepest questions about the meaning of life and why we are here on Earth:

·       Life after death

·       Karma and reincarnation

·       The various realms of existence on this planet and other planets within our solar system; 

·       The spiritual nature of man

·       And much more!

The Mother Earth

Dr. King received over 600 Cosmic Transmissions during his Mission on Earth. At the same time, he gave hundreds of lectures and wrote dozens of books from the depths and heights of his own wisdom as an extraordinarily enlightened Master in his own right.

One important revelation he made was about the beautiful planet upon which we live, breathe, and evolve – the Mother Earth. 

Dr. King, through his own deep spiritual realizations and meditations, understood the true nature of this highly evolved, living Intelligence and gave lectures and wrote books about her sacred Nature, her history, her realms of nature, the Devic Kingdom, and Dr. King’s visits to the center of Earth in a projected state. For more about these lectures and books, please visit – https://www.aetherius.org/chrissie-blaze-welcome/

The Twelve Blessings 

This is a mystic text and a potent spiritual practice, delivered to Earth by the Avatar of Love, The Master Jesus, through the advanced Mediumship of Dr. George King. In the Seventh Blessing – Blessed Is The Mother Earth – Jesus offers elevated Wisdom about the true nature and plight of the Earth. Each blessing is profound teaching and closes with a prayer that we can all use to radiate the energy of Love to our world so needed in these days.

Discover more about The Twelve Blessings at www.12blessings.org

Twelve Blessings online Services – radiate spiritual energy

At home, you can add The Twelve Blessings as an integral part of your spiritual practices. We also hold regular Twelve Blessings Services at Centers throughout the world, including our Aetherius Temple in Royal Oak, Michigan, as well as online Services where people throughout the world join in radiating their love to our suffering world.  

Discover more about The Twelve Blessings Online Services at www.12blessings.org

Our Evolution on Mother Earth

In her great compassion for involved humanity, the Mother Earth has allowed us a home in space in order to live, breathe, awaken and evolve, with no thought of reward or even gratitude.  

Just as the Earth herself goes through advanced Initiations, so too do we humans go through initiations as we progress on our spiritual journey. The following teachings will help us in our journey Godwards: 

The Nine Freedoms 

In this sacred text, delivered by the Cosmic Master, Mars Sector 6, you will learn of essential steps on your journey through evolution on planet Earth. It begins with Bravery, moves into Love and Service, and takes us into Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, and, eventually, the long-sought-after initiation of Ascension. It opens the door to further experience even beyond this Earth.

Discover more about The Nine Freedoms at www.theninefreedoms.org

When the student is ready the Master will appear

You may know the aphorism: When the student is ready, the Master will appear. When we open our minds, our eyes and ears to the truth, when we have a strong desire to learn, to grow, to evolve, the right Master – your Master – the one who can most help you in your growth and evolution will appear.  

This wonderful initiation; this spiritual gift of finding a Master may come to you in one of many ways – perhaps through a book, a podcast, another person, or through your own intuition, which will, if you allow it, guide you through the mires of materialism to the spiritual heights. 

It is not by chance that you have now heard about Dr. George King. The design of the intricate pattern of your evolution, your unique karmic pattern that has led you to this point. 

Dr. George King can become your Spiritual Master. The more you learn about him, the more you study his teachings and his missions; you too can begin to feel the great spiritual power; the unbelievable love and compassion, just as I did. 

Then a new journey; an incredibly powerful journey in which you can light up the world with your love, your healing, your service to all, and yourself be rejuvenated and regenerated by this – will begin.

To find out far more, please visit – https://www.aetherius.org/chrissie-blaze-welcome/


Chrissie Blaze

Chrissie Blaze is the author of 12 published books. She’s an astrologer, an ordained priest, the co-host of Aetherius Radio Live, a regular media guest, and a direct disciple of the Spiritual Master, Dr. George King. www.astrologycity.com; www.chrissieblaze.com


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