The Music in Me


“The Music in Me”

Cheryl Lynn Carter

There is one common language that binds all mankind … music. Music is what connects each individual to the universe. Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.” 

Everything in existence is in a constant state of continuous vibration. Music works on an etheric body level, so we do not process it with our linear minds. What we do is “feel” it. So, in essence, music is what feelings sound like. The etheric part of our body consists of seven chakras: energy points of vibrational frequencies and dynamic rhythmic patterns. The body’s energy system resonates with music. It stimulates these energy centers, awakening them, and releasing an abundance of creativity waiting to be discovered.

When the chakras vibrate and become more energized with the presence of a corresponding frequency, it is known as harmonic resonance. This alignment occurs when a standing wave comes in contact with another tuned to the same frequency causing it to vibrate at a level matching the one generated. Every chakra has its own unique properties, which in turn has one it responds to.

Each of the seven musical notes, A through G, has a corresponding frequency with our chakras. The sound frequency and vibration of these musical notes reverberate through the body. We often say we feel a particular song deep within our soul. Each chakra resonates with a musical note having a similar frequency. When you enjoy a specific type of music, it’s because certain chakras are being energized.

Furthermore, when you listen to music, the brain releases a chemical known as dopamine which makes us happy. The release is the strongest when a part of the song reaches an emotional peak causing us to feel chills. The song’s rhythm connects to us in a process called entrainment when one frequency responds to another in synchronicity. If the music is fast-paced, our heartbeat and breathing will begin to accelerate to match the rhythm. The brain interprets this as excitement and thus releases more dopamine.

Yes, without a doubt, music, chakras, and our souls coexist.

hic Medium, Remote-Viewer, and member of Project Psi: a team of psychic and forensic remote-viewers that successfully solve missing person cases. She is a researcher, freelance writer, and international author. Instagram cherylcarter417


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