Why I (Love) Support Marianne…


Why I (Love) Support Marianne…

As a single mom raising two young boys, suddenly laid off by the very bank that was also my mortgage holder, I found myself in some deep despair and self-pity. From foreclosure to repossession, lights out and food stamps, I found myself in unfamiliar territory. I was the responsible girl with great credit, a great job, dependable and on top of her game until I wasn’t. So, I dove into my spiritual practice in an attempt to claw my way out of the quicksand.

Despite the fact that my mother regularly urged me to watch the news and to become more informed about what was going on in the world, I refused to. I was sure that if I heard even one sad story it would push me over the edge, and then I would not have the energy to deal with everything falling apart around me, and after all, I had two kids to raise. So, I kept my head down and did my spiritual practice with the goal in mind of getting through the day and avoiding anything that would upset me. Essentially, I numbed myself by not participating in my life or in humanity as a whole. But I was spiritual…

One day soon after, I heard Marianne Williamson speak at a unity church in Michigan, and in the very brief encounter I had with her, she left me with a feeling of worthiness I couldn’t explain. Soon thereafter, a friend told me about Sister Giant, a program put on by Marianne dealing with the intersection of spirituality and politics. The minute I heard about it I knew I had to go! It was lifechanging. It was as if I woke up and realized that being spiritual alone wasn’t going to cut it, I was completely missing the point. I learned that being involved and being part of the solution is actually invigorating and exciting and it doesn’t take away my energy, it gives me more!

When I heard that Marianne was running for President, I could feel the adrenalin run through me and I knew this was the very moment that I would step up and make a difference. I am currently a Michigan Team Volunteer Lead, I donate regularly, I talk about Marianne endlessly and I blast her out on social media daily. I am committed to Marianne because I know without any doubt in my mind that Marianne is the right leader for the evolution of humanity, and she is the only leader with the drive, conviction, brilliance, and heart to get us to the other side. May the force be with her.

Much love Marianne.

Karen Schultz Tarnopol

Karen Schultz Tarnopol is an activist for children, democracy and justice. She is a Marianne2020 Grassroots Volunteer State Leader for the Marianne2020 presidential campaign. She is dedicated to getting Marianne elected in 2020 in order to change the political landscape as we know it. For more information about the issues, donating and volunteering visit Marianne2020.com, and you can reach Karen at 248-763-7970 or karen@marianne2020.com.


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