WiseMindGentleSoul offers Meditation Coaching


Instilling Awareness And Identifying Untapped Potential Through Meditation.

WiseMindGentleSoul is a newly founded mental health and wellness company out of West Bloomfield, MI. It aims to instill awareness and identify untapped potential, primarily through the means of meditation. WiseMindGentleSoul (WMGS) draws inspiration from many types of meditation including transcendental, mindfulness, and loving-kindness.

Brandon Klein, founder, WiseMindGentleSoul integrates aspects of all the above into WMGS meditations even adding some of his own flavor into the meditations. Klein is dedicated to alleviating suffering and helping others realize their full potential. “Part of what meditation teaches us to do is to not expect an outcome or destination,” explains Klein. “No meditation is ever the same and I am a believer in throwing away the scripts and the audio of the same meditation and become accustomed to experiencing the process as it evolves.

Klein received his Bachelors in Honors Psychology with minors in business and music from the University of Michigan in 2015. Afterward, he earned his Master’s in clinical psychology from Hofstra University in 2016. As a part of his graduate work, Brandon served as a training clinician and held the role of Intake Coordinator at the University clinic. He also has experience leading individual and small group meditations, as well as leading meditation for businesses in larger group settings.

If Klein were to describe one main goal, of WiseMindGentleSoul meditations, it is to build up mental muscles to form a new relationship with thoughts, thus, gaining the free will to behaviors and actions. For too long the field of clinical psychology has relied on medication, changing thought patterns, and talking through various issues. Klein doesn’t find these to be ineffective; however, as standalone options, he simply feels they are insufficient. “It is time to treat our minds with love and respect – this does entail challenging work and willingness to experience discomfort.”

Meditation has become more and more popular throughout Western society. It is a heavily talked about topic; however, it is common for there to be an information gap regarding how to start meditating. Klein is committed to providing flexible, relatable, and easy to understand methods to beginning a meditation practice and consistently maintaining it. He realizes that meditation is simply a piece of the wellness puzzle and enjoys collaborating with other professionals whose goal is to improve one’s well-being.

WiseMindGentleSoul offers two important services currently. Hour-long one-on-one meditation sessions on a weekly basis. Individuals meet for a meditation experience uniquely tailored to the person. Generally, the sessions involve journaling/writing, sitting meditation, and verbal process work. Klein will provide books, videos, and other outside resources to supplement the work. Individuals can also expect to have a 10-minute phone session weekly to reinforce the work often revising the weekly plan as needed.

Group meditations for up to 10 individuals per group are 90 minutes long and place a large emphasis on group process work. Individuals can expect to learn from each other and to have a comfortable space to divulge personal details or simply share what is working or not in the meditation practice. These groups can be a great supplement to individual meditations or can serve as a standalone weekly option.

For information contact WiseMindGentleSoul (248) 824-0605 or wisemindgentlesoul.com.


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