Wholistic Health and Art Fair


Wholistic Health and Art Fair

“All I have seen teaches me to trust the creator for all I have not seen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Yesterday’s impossibilities are today’s accomplishments” Robert H. Schulle


Enrich, heal, uplift, and enjoy your life while having fun doing it with the whole family. We realize that “education is the movement from darkness into light” (Allan Bloom).

In a world of seeming chaos, we can have inner peace, joy, and serenity. Many people are searching the world over for spiritual growth, enlightenment, healing, creative expression, personal growth and a more helpful, meaningful lifestyle. They are looking for alternative healing methods. The answers are right in front of us, we just have to have the curiosity and courage to walk through the door. There is not a one size fits all because we are endowed with many different gifts.

There are different avenues such as: meditation, reiki, massage, medical intuitive healers, natural products, art, art therapy, music, shamans, handwriting analysis, body workers, readers, herbalist, homeopathic practitioners, hearth math, vegan cookbooks, candles, psychotherapy counseling regarding sensitives, chiropractors, transformational coaches, hypnosis, reflexology, yoga, nutritional products, holistic health, aura/chakra readings, coffee grounds readers, and RX healthy smart coffee as well as terra Essential Oils.

Here is a unique opportunity for people to explore various avenues and alternatives as well as mainstream approaches to get in touch with their real spiritual self by coming into contact with various experts in these fields. You will be able to explore and learn more about these modalities first hand in a comfortable environment. You will come face to face with a practitioner/expert in these fields. You can ask the questions you have always wanted to know the answers to.

In addition to the vendors there is an impressive lineup of speakers ranging from talks on “Reconnecting with your family through love,”Youngevity Products, Art, Art, Art, Transforming your Life with a noted Life Coach, Your health is your wealth, Heart Math, Sensitives – Your child is not a slow learner ADHD, PTSD specialist, Handwriting Analysis and H Self Hypnosis.

Come and enjoy the delicious food and the great music by the Unity of FH band and singers directed by Nic Cole-Klaes, Karl Klaes on the Guitar in addition to another Rev. Larry Hooks, an acclaimed singer.

Saturday, September 8, 2018, from 10 am – 5 pm at the Unity of Farmington Hills Church 32500 13 Mile Rd at Orchard Lake in Farmington Hills, MI. Contact 248 835 5382 or Shoeswithoutborders245@gmail.com

Rev. Dr. Helen Fischer


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