You Are Never Alone


By Bill Helton

There’s no need to ever join a group or feel as if you need to. To find ‘self empowerment’ is what will draw you away from any ‘members only’ club. More often than not, those who feel a void in their lives run for shelter under someone else’s umbrella. Step out from under ONE and dance in the rain without fear. Cleanse the Body/Mind/Soul complex to begin anew. You may sometimes feel that you walk alone, but you are NEVER alone.

A typical human eye will respond to wavelengths from about 390 to 700 nm. What this means is that the majority is not privy to observe what is behind the curtain whilst traveling through this third dimensional plane. There are laws within this 3D construct that must be obeyed. Now, if we could sneak a peek behind the veil, another world would appear. Every dimension has its own frequency-based system which protects its virtual space of existence. How unbelievable is this?! Once the human perspective can look past the FALSE fear, what will emerge is a TRUE fantastical reality that will challenge every belief ONE has held for lifetimes.

Fact or fiction? Judge the experience. Feed the dream with a knowing that it is achievable, believable, and is highly probable with a proper mindset.

Every object, whether a human organ or a piano, carries a frequency-vibrational signature that identifies it. Just as tuning-in to your specific kind of music from a receiver, this reality is playing on its own frequency bandwidth. Imagine this reality as a radio. Now, within this radio receiver all stations are available that can be tuned-in to the station of choice. ONLY those vibrating at the same preferred frequency will observe the same landscape that exist within their reality of choice. Otherwise, it would not exist. There is the WHOLE, and then there are subsets of the whole. This fractal keeps breaking off into smaller versions of itself. “As above so below” is the adage which brilliantly represents the broader scope of what really is.

So when I say, “We all are extraordinary by all accounts”, I speak it in a collective agreement. Leave all the little worries alone and focus on giving and receiving from the HEART MIND. This moment in this experience only lasts a second. Become fully engrossed in self, AWARE in all your moments. This alone, when given your full authority, awakens the true you.

Always my Best! William Helton


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