You Are Special


By John Ashbrook

Everyone wants to be important, to shine, to feel that they are a special person. The questions is, What makes someone special? For some people, financial prosperity is the answer; for others, their sense of importance is derived from who they know or their social status. There are many who feel special because they have achieved success in the academic world or have excelled in their chosen career. Still, others feel important because they are frequent travelers or drive the “in” car. Many people feel special when they are serving the community, helping those in need. The point is that all of us want to express our beauty to the world in one way or another. It is the expression of one’s beauty that creates healthy self-esteem.

Each and every person on this earth is a created being of God; therefore, everyone is automatically special. Everyone comes from the source, and everyone’s soul contains the full potential of the source. When someone limits their personal expression to just one or two areas of their unlimited potential, there comes a point of diminishing returns. Individuality is the result of one’s ability to reinvent themselves. If someone clings to one limited image of what will make them special, then at some point, they will no longer feel special. Their singular attachment to what they feel makes them a stand out in life begins to paralyze them. They need more and more of the same old, worn-out stimulus to satisfy this attachment. They begin to fear change, the very change that could re-energize their life. They hold on to their limited identity as if the loss of it will devastate them, but life is about change, so the fear of change is really of fear of growing. How does one extricate themselves from such a dilemma?

Remember your original desire to be special, to express your beauty to the world. Remember how that burning desire empowered you and gave you a sense of supreme self-confidence and the drive to carry out your inner wish. No matter how strong your attachment to a single identity is, you can always think of something you have always wanted to do. Embrace your desire for change instead of fearing it and take action on this forgotten wish to express another aspect of your infinite potential. My friends, each and every one of you have the God-given potential to do anything to express your inner beauty in an infinite number of ways. The thing that really makes you special is your willingness to honor your incredible, creative power and to be a shining example for all to see. If you encounter resistance within, be patient and gentle with yourself. Loving yourself, being totally supportive of your knowing desire to change, and express another aspect of your being will eventually dissolve resistance and fear, progress will come.

There is nothing in life so exhilarating, so empowering, so fulfilling and joyful than breaking the ties that bind you to single, limited worn-out identity, finding and expressing another aspect of your God-given individuality, the infinite depths of your perfect, immortal, ever-unfolding, divinity. Each and every time you redefine yourself through the spiritual process of self-discovery and the expression of your endless creative potential, you raise not only your own soul’s vibrational rate you also do your part to further the force of lie’s quest to spiritualize the endless void, filling the emptiness with the magnificent miracle of manifest creation. This is what truly makes you and every other person special, for there is no one who does not possess the power of infinite creativity, unending newness, and boundless joy that most spring from the inner exploration and expression of one’s undeniable connection to the center, to all that is. This is creativity that is not limited by the little ego’s insatiable need for external gratification; instead, it is driven by the natural and right desire to go inward and express the unfathomable depths of one’s unique and beautiful soul.

John Ashbrook


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