You Have the Key


Do you ever feel like your life is small, boring, or just not what you thought it would be? I think more people than you know feel that way. What if I told you that if you feel that way, YOU are the one that has the KEY to change that?

Each of us was given amazing powers when we were born. Each of us has the power to bring into our lives joy, peace, and abundance! And the cool thing is, it is not our business to worry about HOW to do that! It is only our job to worry about WHAT new possibilities and opportunities we want to bring into our lives. You may say that sounds ridiculous, but it is really GREAT news!

It is our purpose in this life to CREATE our lives. No one else is more equipped to do this for us. You know your desires better than anyone else so — What do you love? What type of relationships do you want? What about a vocation? Do you dream of time and money freedoms? What about your health and well-being — do you set aside time to truly contemplate and be grateful for peace of mind and the gift of health? Clarity is power so be detailed about your longings.

Allowing your desires to come to you is so important. This sounds simple but many of us do not let our imaginations flow, or we lack the confidence or feel that we are not worthy of our desires. Stop creating stories or roadblocks that stop you from receiving joy, good feelings, and great results in your life.

Often, we are our own worst enemies! Make fear, self-doubt, and unworthiness your friends. Know that when you are fearing or doubting yourself the most, you are closest to your dream or allowing a leap of faith to happen! Know that that intense feeling is letting you know you are ready to leap. What is the worst thing that can happen when you trust or leap or go for it? You might fall, right? So what? Fall, fail, and then get up and move forward and try again. We psych ourselves out with the fear of failure so badly. It is just failure. So what? Get up, dust yourself off and try again, or learn from the fall and take a different action.

Practice makes perfect. Deciding what you want is how something comes into being! So imagine, take action, and if you fail, wipe yourself off, and move forward! And this is how we get what we want and reach our great feeling of well-being. Never quit, and happy dreaming!


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