Your Magic Wand


By Sherrie Ellen

You are already a co-creator with the universe even though you may not have acknowledged it yet, or understand what you have been doing from the time you were born and opened your eyes. Some of the situations that you created might have happened by you recreating situations that were taught to you through lessons and experiences that you leaned as a child, all the way up to this present time as an adult.

Jesus said, “Ask and you shall receive.” He did not say, “Ask and you will receive if you deserve it.” We all want the best for our children. Why would you not want the best for yourself? We are all magicians. We are all creative geniuses in our own way. Most people only create what they barely need, and do not create what they really want because they don’t think they are worthy enough.

Once you believe that this is all true and possible, you will become a far more effective co-creator and soul magician. This will lead to drastic changes in your life, and the lives of others that you connect with on a soul level. Every thought and belief that you have will somehow manifest into something that you’ll see out in the physical world.

With every thought, spoken word and deed done through you, a seed is released. And if you’re continually nurturing this seed, it will manifest into a physical form. You have created what has passed, and are constantly creating what lies ahead. Sometimes we get stuck on the merry-go-round of the creations of others by being present in their lives, and allowing ourselves to be participants. This is when we are giving away our own innate personal power that truly belongs to us.

Throughout history the sailors always used the North Star to navigate them safely across the seas. As all other stars may move around in the universe, the North Star always seems to stay true to course, and on point. Our true North is the innermost desire of our soul.

What you must understand is that we create with focus. The focal point of our imagination is our greatest tool. I like to call this our own magic wand. The life that we see in front of us is the result of how we focus our imagination. If you want to change your circumstances then you must change your focus. There are many other helpful techniques that can help you accomplish this.

Michigan psychic Sherrie Ellen works with her clients on manifestation techniques, in Oakland County, Michigan. She serves clients around the world as a life coach, helping them clear obstacles so that they are free to manifest their truest heart desires. Your thoughts, words and actions are your magic wand. Use them wisely to create the life that you want.

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