Your New Song


by Eve Wilson

Sing with your life a new song

A song that is resonant and true

Every day and every moment new

Sing with your life a song of patient unwavering strength

Of harmony and grace

Dear friend,

You are the song, you are the singer

You are the creator and the receiver

Give thanks for each day that life has made

Give birth to a world of love

We are both the creators and the receivers of our lives. The little self – the receiver – is the temporary part of ourselves, which lives the cycle of highs and lows of experience in the journey of this lifetime. 

It plays out its role in life according to the “script” that our Higher Self, the creator part of us, wrote to fulfill a definite purpose in our own evolution and the life of our world. All the players in our lives have similarly scripted roles to play in our drama. The scripts are general, but the roles are distinct.

I have written many times about the “theater of life .”How in the theater of the old world, which is built on illusions of separation and limitation, the “play” has run its course, and the stagehands are breaking down the props. 

The phase of illusion and separation ended in 2012, and the last play has finished its run on that stage. What we experience now is the transition out of illusions of separation and limitation. As we leave that behind, we are waking up to who we really are. We get to leave behind the illusion of our little self and return to awareness that we are each an eternal and unique facet of Oneness of all life.

The confusion people have about our identities causes a lot of chaos in our world. People have played the old roles and believed that was their true selves. They’ve noticed that the stage props for our world are no longer reliable, and that makes them try harder to control the ever-decreasing resources and to succeed in the old drama. 

They don’t realize it is over.  

The solution to chaos is the return to true identity. In the new world, which is being born now, we remember we are part of the Oneness from which all individual lives and life forms are born. Our unique Higher Selves are facets of that One. And our Inner Wisdom is our true identity. Living within our hearts, incarnate bodies, auras, and souls, it is one with our Higher Selves and the Oneness of All. As we let go our false identity of limitation and separation, we gain unity with our Inner Wisdom and become co-creators of life in harmony with the greater good through oneness with the One.  

There are two levels of experience on Earth currently – the limited old world, which is ending and breaking down, and the experience of co-creation of reality, which is called the new world. Each moment, we have a choice which we identify with.  

Choosing the co-creator option to life means that everything you experience can serve a greater purpose with less pain and suffering. Rather than fighting to get your piece of what is breaking down and becoming increasingly limited, you can step back to center and identify with your Inner Wisdom. 

From there, you co-create unity, wholeness, joy, and fulfillment wherever you are and whatever is going on. Being strongly grounded in Inner Wisdom generates the raw material that life is built of. Through this beautiful life substance, we contribute our unique piece to the greater good in each moment. There is a purpose for everything, and you are essential.

Eve Wilson is a leader in World Healing & Ascension. Visit her website to learn co-creation with your Inner Wisdom: International award-winning blogger, UCM Master Healer, and Best-Selling Author, Eve teaches Monthlies Class, helping people co-create the new world, heal, and ascend. Enroll now for 9/14!


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