Your New World Heart Chakra


Chakras are spiraling vortexes of energy that radiate out from a body within its aura in an expanding cone of energy (much like a flashlight beam radiates out from the flashlight bulb). They are rooted into the physical body through the endocrine glands which are our primary chemical/hormone production systems. Their jobs include helping our spirit to live in our body and aura and generating life force.*

For many years I have been aware of a new chakra developing within our energy systems but was only recently guided to understand or work with it. Some people call it the new world heart chakra.

I find that it is currently acting like a tuning fork for the ascension process. Ascension is the way in which the energy of our bodies and souls are coming into increasing unity with God consciousness. Not everyone is actively ascending yet, but eventually all will. For some it will happen in this lifetime, for some it will take longer than that. Either way, each stage of our journey is necessary and important for our self and for others as well. Everyone is playing their part and will change when the time is right.

The energy of this new chakra sends out a vibration of wholeness and love that is reminding us that God is here within our own bodies and souls and in everything around us. It awakens in us a realization that having God’s unconditionally loving energy within is more important than anything. It makes it easier for us to release negative states of emotion, mind and body so that we can ascend into harmony with God within our own self.


Below is an exercise to help you find your new world heart chakra and to use it to tune your chakras, body, emotions, mind and spirit closer and closer to your true and ascended state of being.

1) Breathe into your body and give yourself a big hug inside all the way down to your toes and up to the top of your head.

2) Imagine that you are stepping back into yourself until you find that your spine feels like the middle of you rather than the back of you. When you arrive in the right spot you will feel more grounded, centered, clear and relaxed.

3) Feel that still calm center where you just know the truth, even though you don’t know how you know, which exists deep within your heart and belly. I call this your inner wisdom.

4) From your inner wisdom ask to connect with your new world heart chakra in your middle to upper chest. You may feel it as a sense of strength and comfort. If you hold your hand a few inches out from your chest and feel around you may sense it as an energy vortex. (This will be 2 or 3 inches above your regular heart chakra).

5) Open to the energy of your new world heart chakra and sit with it for a while. You will feel your energy and consciousness pulled into a lighter and higher vibration.

6) From your inner wisdom you can ask this new world heart chakra to connect with each of your other chakras in turn and invite each chakra to be tuned to its new world energy. For some people it may help to hold one hand over the new world heart chakra and one over the other chakra or body part you are tuning.

7) You can connect your new world heart chakra in the same way to any part of your body that feels uncomfortable. This helps raise your vibration and you will feel a lot more peaceful and comfortable on every level. From here it will be easier to let go of any negativity and to feel the love of God within you and flowing through your life and relationships. Welcome that energy to help you accept and grow through your circumstances so you can move increasingly into a place of unity with God and clarity in your choices and responses to life.

8) Some parts of you may resist the ascension process. Where you feel that resistance, offer love and acceptance to that part of you. Thank it for doing a good job in your life (there is a reason for everything). Remind this part of you that God will have a new job for it to do when the time is right for it to change. Ask God to help it to change when the time is right.

9) Breathe into your inner wisdom and relax into the vibration of your new world heart chakra. Ask your inner wisdom to rebalance you for what you need to do next.

* More information on chakras is available at: under techniques.



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