Your True Nature is a Divine Feminine Shaman


By Barbra White

A divine feminine shaman eats spirit, makes love with consciousness, and materializes the infinite. It is time to shaman the divine feminine into your body and community.

The divine has been intentionally unmineralized and unmaterialized to disempower and disconnect the masses. Anything called Sacred or Spiritual has been pulled out of the body, ripped out of animals, and applied to an ethereal, transcend untouchable deity in the sky. We need to not become ascended masters but descend masters claiming back our sacred bodies, holy nature, blessed animals, and innocent sensuality. Transcendent ungrounded spirituality has left humans spiritually starving, believing in scarcity and fighting for scraps of joy. 

A divine feminine shaman has a clear no to a “God” that is only to be worshiped but never tasted and a juicy yes to cultivating a living expression of the divine as authenticity, love, sensuality, purpose, service, and joy. 

A divine feminine shaman smells love in all things and hears the continued celebration of Life made manifest in their fully experienced living. 

The divine feminine shaman digests in their cells their divine connection; the divine is felt deep in their genitals and womb (Hara for male beings)

A divine feminine shaman knows they are a portal of light and a weaver of multi-dimensions. Conscious respect for plants, animals, and humans, loving all parts of Self, and deeply felt experience of Spirit; they re-establish peace, connection, and embodied Love on the planet.

Why Is Embodiment Crucial to Being a Divine Feminine Shaman? 

When we are disconnected from our bodies and the natural world, we cannot process and integrate the information that is continually being sent to us and through us. Like an electrical system without proper grounding, many people suffer from sensory and empathic overload.  

“Our disconnection and dissociation from our bodies and the natural world are now being expressed in a variety of exacerbated ways such as anxiety, depression, illness, and Autism spectrum disorders” *Aposhyan(*Aposhyan, S. (1999). Natural intelligence: Body-mind integration and human development. Baltimore, MD: Williams & Wilkins.)

The time to Shaman the Divine Feminine into your body and be the tuning fork of change the planet needs. 

August 4th – Nature Healing Attunement at Mother Bear Sanctuary 6-8 pm hosted by Divine Feminine Shamans

August 8th – Order your book Trauma Can Be the Fertilizer to Your Bloom

Aug 14,21, 28th, 7-8:30pm – Free workshop on HOW nature heals trauma from the new book. 

Sept 22-24th – Divine Feminine Shaman retreat training fire portal. Learn pleasure prayers, awaken passion through DF-Shaman breath, and journey with plants and animals. Connect deeply to land, sisters, and nature. Heal sexual shame and recover a sweet, embodied innocence. 


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