Change Your Mind ~ Change Your Life


January is often a time to set goals and start new adventures. We look back at our past year or years, and analyze our relationships, habits, and accomplishments. January seems a time when we decide to start taking a road less traveled so far in our lives.

I beg to differ and think the true magic about beginnings is that they can happen anytime we decide to make them happen. We can choose right now to begin something. We can change our thinking about ourselves and our lives, or the job we have, the people in our lives, or those not in our lives. We can think differently and be different any time we choose. We can stop thinking we are not enough or our life is overwhelming or even that it is boring. The gift about this life is that we can change our mind about anything any time we want.

I found an old Daily Word reading that sums it up beautifully. It is from Saturday, October 19th, 1964. The Daily Word reading from Unity Village states, “TODAY I make a new beginning. Today I cast from my mind all thought of limitation and bondage. I cast from my mind all thought of age, disease, and death. I cast from my mind all thought of lack and failure. I cast from my mind all doubt and fear. I cast from my mind all past sorrows, all unpleasant thoughts, and all unpleasant memories of the past. Today I make a new beginning.

It is not a calendar date that determines new beginnings. I make a new beginning simply by letting go of old thoughts, old ideas, old habits. Today I choose to cast out false beliefs. I see this day as entirely new. This day is filled with new opportunities, new joy, new faith, new courage. This day is filled with that which is beautiful, inspiring, uplifting. This day I make a new beginning.”


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