Good Food Makes Good People


Good Food Makes Good People and

Unity Church of Lake Orion presents

How the Crazy Things We Eat Mess Up Our Lives

Thursday, October 11, 7 to 8:30 pm


THIS IS FOR EVERYONE.  Really, it is.  Everyone will come away with something.

Okay…so we can all say that the Standard American Diet is the root cause of our obesity, degenerative disease, and just about everything else.

Did you also know that the foods we eat can actually dictate what happens to us in our whole lives?  Even, some believe, more than genetics?  The foods we eat are energetically linked to the happiness of our families, the success of our children, and the fulfillment of our relationships and jobs.

That’s how powerful food is.  So learn how to eat in a way that is in total alignment with all of your goals.  Make good things happen in your life.  Change your diet and help God channel the Ultimate Creative Energy through you in a way that will amaze you each and every day.

Spend an evening with speaker, writer, and lifestyle coach Cynthia Catherine, who has taught people of all ages and from all walks of life.  She’ll share her own unexpected journey to becoming a food evangelist.  What she found along the way will motivate you to begin your own walk with food in a new way, and experience your own life like never before.

Learn why your future is literally on your fork!

$15 minimum donation, please.  Doors open at 6:30 pm.

Unity Church of Lake Orion

3070 Baldwin Rd. | Orion Twp., MI 48359

Call 810.796.3197 for more info 

Proceeds support Unity Church of Lake Orion and

Good Food Makes Good People

Educators in lifestyle improvement.


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