Springing Back New


Springing Back New

by Eve Wilson

It’s great to be back in print here with The Guide! In the past two years, a lot has happened since it stopped publishing regularly. 

We’ve all had to take a step back and ask ourselves what our priorities are and how to proceed forward in this different reality. I want to offer you my spiritual healer’s perspective on what we have accomplished during our enforced retreat from the familiar and where we are going as we spring back into the next phase of things.

When we look at things from a purely human perspective here in the spring of 2022, we see a lot of endings and a lot of holes left in our lives and the world from that. This sad perspective is understandable, and we all feel it. However, it is only the smallest part of what is happening. As always, there is a hidden purpose at work in our lives and the world that can be perceived when we remember that we are spiritual Beings having a human experience. The spiritual is the vastly greater part of us. When we spend time focusing on that perspective, it awakens us to experience an amazing period of rebirth, leading to a higher level of reality for our world.

During these two years, when people withdrew from much of our outer activity, it allowed a lot of preconceptions about life to be let go. The enforced stillness brought our focus to a more inward relationship with ourselves. 

Many people have been learning to be the center of their own lives instead of always looking outside of themselves for purpose and fulfillment. We’ve been learning to let go of money as the predominant drive of our existence. We have surrendered the belief that if we do our jobs, our family lives, or our social lives well enough, we will have everything we want. The enforced stillness made us realize it didn’t work out that way; it just caused us to lose ourselves. For many people, this pause in outer focus allowed us to recall ourselves, learn to listen to our inner lives, and make new choices with ourselves at the center.

Even more significant, by withdrawing focus from all the busyness, necessary shifts in our spiritual foundations for life have occurred. All of life is rooted in and built upon eternal spiritual being. The enforced stillness allowed us to receive a new spiritual foundation for life on which a new reality is being built. We call it the new world. The new world takes us beyond the school of hard knocks which we have been in since the dawn of time and which helped us to evolve. It initiates us into the next experience, which is the job we have been preparing for. That job is co-creating life on Earth in partnership with God. And while we have been quietly waiting for life to begin again post-pandemic, the foundation for this new world has grown strong enough to hold us as we spring back into life again.

So, we are re-entering life, and while perhaps we hold the hope or assumption that things will go back to “normal,” that old normal doesn’t exist anymore. What is waiting for us is new! It is better than we hoped for and everything we need. It is ready to receive us, and some of us are ready to step up to this higher vibration reality. I invite you to do so! But those who continue to try to do things the old way will run into increasing failure and loss because that way is ending and will not be available in our future. We can no longer run the world by the willpower of the biggest, loudest, richest, pushiest, or even by the kindest and most self-sacrificing. The new world is entirely different than either of those inclinations.  

The new world is created by each of us being centered and true to ourselves in partnership with our eternal spiritual Higher Selves. Our Higher Selves live in that place where all life is One. They understand our roles within that Oneness moment by moment. 

Our Higher Selves bring together all that is needed to fulfill our purpose and our needs in harmony with the greater good of all.

In the new world, we are pure energy of unconditional love. Our bodies are becoming light and energy that appears to spiritual vision like liquid crystals. It is obviously going to take some time for all of us to get to this new place, but much less than you might think! If you would like to know more about this process, gain skills for making this transition, and help the world to heal and to ascend, that is my work. I invite you to visit my website www.spiritualhealers.com . Find out about my book Riding the Wave of Change – Hope, Healing and Spiritual Growth for Our World, my award-winning international blog – The Weekly Word for Healing & Ascension, Healing Treatments, and classes like Healing & Ascension Monthlies and legal Healer Practitioner Certification.

This is an exciting time to be alive, though it is very challenging. When you focus on what is being born new, you are uplifted into a better place, and that protects you from a lot of the difficulties and brings you joy and aliveness.

Blessings for your journey my friends!  


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