Shift the Energy – Change the World


Shift the Energy – Change the World

by Susan deCaussin

This is a powerful time to be alive! You could say that this is one of, if not the most, pivotal times for humanity in the history of this planet. How amazing that your soul and mine both decided to have the human experience at a time of such incredible transformation. I sometimes have to remind myself of the fact that, at a soul level, I actually chose to be here and experience the turbulence of recent times.

It’s crazy to think that those who are on the front line of this tremendous, energetic shift have been equipped with such empathetic hearts. While it may seem terribly counter-productive to be so highly sensitive during times of such heightened emotions, it’s being able to sense those subtle energies that enable us to gain the intuitive hits that guide the current process of transformation. However, it is a double-edged sword that must be carefully handled to not cause us to burn out, like overloaded electrical circuits.

The first thing I’d like to establish is that if you feel overwhelmed and isolated, please know that you are not alone….not by a longshot!! I can’t begin to tell you how many folks have been seeking guidance to alleviate the anxiety that’s been accompanying these challenging times. Whether you’ve been “sensitive” to subtle energy for years, or it’s just happened recently due to the rising vibration of the planet, there are ways to protect your sense of wellbeing while still allowing you to positively contribute during this amazing time of change.

When I witness the negativity rising to the surface like oil on water, I take a moment to remind myself that it’s never darker than just before dawn. And I don’t allow myself to slip into despair. All of the dirt that’s been swept beneath the carpet for generations is now being revealed, and it’s time for a deep cleaning. 

Much of the desperation experienced by us individually is from a perceived inability to affect change on the major issues spanning the globe. Notice how I said “perceived.” When we see things happening on a global scale, we can immediately feel a sense of desperation over the belief that physical separation precludes us from affecting change. However, it’s times like those when we must remind ourselves that everyone and everything is energetically connected, and distance plays no part … no part at all.

Keeping that connectivity in mind, it’s important now, more than ever, that we take responsibility for the energy we’re emitting. And be cognizant that the most powerful but least acknowledged energy source is found in the thoughts that we hold.

As a child, many of us are taught to say the right things and do the right things, but somehow, most of us missed the memo on the importance of thinking the right things! Our thoughts create powerful energy that directs our conscious actions, our subconscious beliefs, the health & wellbeing of our physical bodies, and our collective energy & vibration. I’ve seen proof of this while participating in several worldwide experiments which created measurable differences in biological matter when the intentions of those involved were focused on specific outcomes. My husband and I receive validation of this powerful yet barely acknowledged energy source when we witness real-time pain relief & healing in our practice when we send intentional healing across a room or even across the planet.

Thoughts can be powerfully effective in a less favorable way, however. When a person holds self-defeating, fearful, angry, or critical thoughts, they’re creating changes in the subconscious mind which can lead to undesirable results. Negative thought patterns lead to unwanted habits, actions & reactions to life events, not to mention chronic pain, illness, and dis-ease, due to the low vibrational energy they emit. And, when we repetitively expose ourselves to negative sources (such as news media, social media, and toxic people), we inadvertently adopt that toxic energy. We then become like a cell tower – repeating and broadcasting that signal to others. There are some simple actions that can be taken in order to circumvent this scenario.

– Avoid exposure to news media at all costs. You cannot affect positive change on ANYTHING by simply feeling bad about it. This avoidance will also prevent your mind from being programmed with fear and anger. Fear is how darkness prevails. Don’t let it in.

– Block, unfriend, or stop following any people or sources on social media that are not supporting positive thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Instead, choose positive, uplifting media to follow.

– Police your thoughts continuously, catching and correcting anything that is of a negative nature – about yourself, others, or world events. Write a different story in your mind. Take back your power and control by choosing how to react and respond to life’s situations.

– Stay present and focused on what’s positive, right, and beautiful. There is good in everything. You simply need to make a habit of looking for it! With practice, it becomes automatic.

Together we can shine a bright light into the darkness. Together we can elevate the vibration of the planet and place it into a healing mode. Together we can change the world. Dance like nobody’s watching. Smile till it hurts. Trust in the fact that you and I are making a difference by taking control of what we say, what we do, and, most importantly, what we think!!! Namaste’

Susan deCaussin CHt


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