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A New Crystal & Metaphysical Store

A New Crystal & Metaphysical Store



It was November 2020, and our governor had just closed restaurants and entertainment venues due to the spiking cases of Covid here in Michigan. Three weeks prior, I had just signed a lease for a multi-vendor store in Laurel Park Place Mall. My initial thought was that we would open for only a few months and then leave the mall. It surprised me when my intuitive voice kept nudging me to resign the lease for another three months, then another six months. The store grew in popularity as people started seeing our wide range of crystals and minerals. Being a multi-vendor store, our customers love the wide variety of products and the many different vendors from all backgrounds. Today, we are still at Laurel Park Place Mall in a new location in the mall. Our new location offers 7200 square feet of crystals, minerals, jewelry, tarot decks, spiritual books, home decor, and health and wellness products. We also have a multipurpose room where we hold events and classes ranging from jewelry wrapping to psychic development classes. 

Our upcoming classes include Reiki Level 1, Tarot for beginners, Learn how to read Aura’s, pendulum classes, beginners meditation, and much more!

One of our features in the store is our singing Crystal Bowls. We have a wide assortment of 10-inch bowls that correlate with each chakra. 

You are welcome to come and experience our bowls and play them. We are open six days a week and closed Mondays.  

If interested in receiving notifications of our classes and listing of our psychic fairs and other events, just text the word “crystals” to 844-570-1104. We also hold psychic and holistic fairs and festivals throughout metro Detroit. Our fairs and festivals offer over 40 to 100 vendors who offer readings, healing, and sell products.  

For further information on Rock Your World Store and Events, follow us on Facebook at rockyourworld, LLC.

Laura Moody is a psychic/medium and owner of Rock Your World Events. For more on Laura, go to www.readingsbylaura.net


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