A Simple & Universal Healing Tool


There is an amazingly easy to use healing tool that I call ‘sewing’. It can be used on anything from physical pain and disease to emotional, mental or spiritual issues, and even external issues which affect your life such as financial security and relationships. This technique may be used for your own self or for others. Alternative Health Practitioners may find it helps their clients to receive healing and speeds results. With this exercise you will be able to bring comfort, healing, peace and relaxation in just a few minutes time. This is a spiritual healing technique, but it doesn’t require a particular set of religious or spiritual beliefs. A basic belief in a Higher Power, or Source of Life and unconditional love which we are all part of is helpful.

Dis-ease (anything in life which causes discomfort of any kind) happens when part of us is not energetically connected with that Source of life and love. This ‘sewing’ tool helps to bring the connection to Source, love, unity, wholeness and peace into the places within us which are unconsciously or consciously blocked to that experience. It will initiate healing and resolution of personal issues and blocks.

1) Begin by stepping back into yourself. Most of us live energetically out in front of our body and up in our heads. A simple way to get into your body is to feel yourself step backward within yourself until you feel centered around your spine; as though it were the middle of you (it is the middle of your aura). It may take a minute, but when you get there you will feel more focused, centered and peaceful.

2) Using whichever hand you feel like using. Hold it a few inches from your body in front of your heart chakra (in the middle of your chest above your sternum). Send a little stream of energy connection, very lightly, toward your heart chakra until you feel that it grabs hold and the energy feels anchored there.

3) Using this light stream of energy from your finger, ‘sew’ or draw a line of connection from your heart chakra, up through the middle of your body through the crown of your head (your crown chakra) and offer it to The Source (God, whatever name you use for that One). Offer it up until it feels like that One grabs hold and it is anchored there.

4) Then ‘sew’ that same gentle stream of energy from The Source into whatever part of you needs healing. It could be a physical pain, in which case you would hold that stream of energy within the pain until it feels like that part of you grabs hold of it, and the energy anchors. Likewise you could do the same thing with a weak organ or other health issues. If it is an emotional or spiritual issue, pay attention to where you feel an emotion, pain or numb place when you focus on the issue. ‘Sew’ the connection into that place, or feeling.

5) Then ‘sew’ the energy in the same way back to the heart chakra and let it anchor there. Now you have a complete loop. From your heart, to The Source, to the issue, then back to the heart.

6) Within a brief time you will begin to feel a lightening of the energy, a relief of pain or distress and a feeling of support and healing within or around the issue. As that happens be open to healing and to a deepening understanding and wisdom around whatever issues have created the dis-ease.

7) You can do the same thing with issues of relationship, money, or whatever, in a couple of ways. You can ‘sew’ the heart chakra and Source to a place within where you feel distressed by the issue. When parts of you, which are distressed about circumstances in your outer life, are connected to your heart and Higher Power, a shift takes place within which opens the way for the right resolution of those issues in your outer life. Then, you could also visualize ‘sewing’ a connection between the Higher Power and the issues in your outer world. But don’t connect them to your own heart; just connect the loop back to The Source.

8) Once the connections are made to the heart chakra and The Higher Power, you have made the first essential step toward healing, which is to establish a state of connection and unity with The Source which allows the blocks within to release and life to flow freely within body, emotion, mind and spirit.

9) Usually dis-ease is telling you that there is something you need to learn and drawing your focus into that aspect of your life. Once you’ve done your ‘sewing’ you will find a deeper understanding and wisdom about what needs resolution within yourself and your life for this healing to be permanent for you. When you do, you are using the dis-ease opportunity to help you come into deeper harmony with your true self and to find the love and fulfillment you seek in your life.

Eve Wilson


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