Leprechauns and The End of the Rainbow


These days, there are lots of people looking for their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For some, that pot of gold may be money. For others, it may be a job or a relationship. Each of us defines just what that pot of gold is for ourselves. Finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow has always been challenging. Besides, there are usually leprechauns involved, so it’s tricky! According to legend, finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is as elusive as the leprechauns who may be guarding it to prevent you from obtaining it. Folklore says that leprechauns are nearly impossible to catch, as they are known to be cunning and quick, perhaps even invisible. But if you hold them in your gaze, they cannot move and trick you. This means that you must confront the leprechauns you encounter in the quest for your pot of gold so that you control them, rather than letting them control you.

Many people believe that after the toil and sacrifice of their working years, they will magically find their pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Little do they realize, it is the journey, not the end result that holds the riches they seek. Finding their pot of gold could be compared to picking up coins along the way, so that when they get to the end of their journey, they have already accumulated as well as enjoyed the riches that make up their pot of gold. If only they would realize that their treasure (their pot of gold) is their health, their relationships, and everything precious to them. They have obtained their pot of gold as a result of the efforts they have made throughout their journey.

Do you realize that here are many mischievous leprechauns laying in wait along the path in the quest for your pot of gold? When your pot of gold is your health, you must pay close attention to the leprechauns that are ready to deceive you. For example, these leprechauns may be in the form of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) that are put into conventional foods without our permission. As leprechauns do, these GMO’s play tricks on us and interfere with our health. Despite the scarcity of research on the effects of consuming genetically modified foods, these ingredients have been increasingly added to our foods and our environment. At this time, the only way to avoid GMO’s is to eat organic and learn which foods contain GMO ingredients. Unlike European countries, labeling in the United States has been purposefully omitted. Perhaps this is because the public would be able to see the cause/effect relationship of the new food additives in previously safe foods – foods that are now causing negative physical changes in our bodies. Have you noticed the rise in allergies, digestive problems, and other mysterious diseases that have begun to compromise our health?

Just like the presence of GMO’s in our food, we may not be aware of many of the things that interfere with our health. Unfortunately, there are no neon signs around them announcing the fact that they are dangerous. In the same way that the leprechauns look like innocent little shoemakers until we start to see the crazy antics they have been up to, we don’t have a clue. Some of the things that sneak up on us to destroy our health include indulgence in foods that don’t have any nutrition, time spent in front of big screen televisions, and other forms of entertainment that gobble up the time that could otherwise be spent on healthier recreational activities. With the exception of the new virtual reality games in which players are physically involved in a game or a sport in front of a monitor, these types of entertainment don’t require any more physical effort than using your eye muscles while watching images dance across the screen or working your thumbs with the remote control. No wonder Americans have become so overweight and unhealthy.

Advertisements are also like mischievous leprechauns because they entice us to buy things that are unhealthy and unnecessary. Loaded with artificial tastes, smells, colors, and even hormones, we unwittingly put them into our body through our mouths and through the air we breathe. We even spread them on our body, mesmerized by tantalizing scents, unaware of the harm they are doing. The biggest problem is that when we consume or absorb these artificial things into our body, the delicate hormone balance in our body is disrupted. Do you realize that hormones are the most important chemical messengers in your body and good health is impossible when your hormonal system is disrupted? This system, also known as your endocrine system, affects your weight, your emotions, your reproductive systems, your physical abilities, and every aspect of how you interact with your world and the people around you.

Another interference to your health stems from electromagnetic pollution. Although invisible, electromagnetic pollution affects your body in many ways. We are all exposed to electromagnetic pollution and many more environmental toxins on a daily basis, which poison us, and pave the way for degenerative disease. Watch for my article next month in which I will outline the ways in which your energy is affected by these unseen forces.

As part of my continuing Certification as a Wellness Consultant, I am involved in the ongoing research of how people are affected by the Six Interferences to Health. This is why I am able to provide the latest and most advanced ways of helping my patients eliminate or avoid these dangerous interferences. If not addressed, these Interferences will wreak havoc on your life, your health, and your relationships before you know it. Like the leprechaun that moves into your house unannounced, you will be confused by the unusual events that begin to affect your health. Whether or not you have symptoms such as morbid weight gain or loss, digestive or sleep problems, or you are just not feeling as good as you’d like, there is hope. When you learn about and confront these Interferences (remember the leprechauns), you will begin to create a healthy future. Together, we can make conscientious choices that are good for our children, our environment, and ourselves. What better thing could we have at the end of the rainbow? We will have truly found our pot of gold!

By Dr. William H. Karl, D.C.


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