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By Pauline Dettloff

Last month, I talked about love, and the energy that it promotes. But this month I want to talk about Men! We all want a relationship and always want it to be perfect! (Yes, or No?).

The perfect man, there’s no such thing. We are on two different planets because what we think and what they think are way different. I tell my clients that I do readings because they all want a perfect relationship, and some women have been blessed to be married three to six times. Some of us never get a chance at one.

Still, a lot of it’s got to do with the way we treat people and the way we treat one another. I know for a fact I tell my clients it’s about the way you talk to someone. It includes your children, too; if you’re going to want to say something to a loved one or start a relationship at the beginning, you’re nice to each other because you want to please each other. After you’re with somebody for a while, you want to be right, and of course, you want things to go your way.

Still, the other person has a different opinion, and I firmly believe in your words, how you speak to somebody, and your body language if you have a lover or a significant other. If you were unconditionally in love with someone, whether it is a girl or a guy. and you love that person unconditionally, how would you speak to that person? What would you say to that person? You would never hurt that person’s feelings; women are all about feelings; men could care less. They’re straightforward. They say it the way it is, and we need feelings.

When you started the relationship, there were so many loving gestures. After a while, they go away, and it’s all about your words! in what you say. I am a confirmed believer that if you love someone, you’d never hurt their feelings by being mean with what you’re words would say. If you want to correct someone, you start by being nice, not mean, or I believe you build someone’s self-esteem by saying that would be nice, or I like that, or we could do that; once you do that, you have someone’s attention, and then you could put your opinion in and talk about it.

With men, I noticed the way they love us. They only say a few words if they pay attention to or do for us. If you have a man in your house or your life, a lover who calls you, talks to you and wants to be with you, and does something for you if you need something.

When a man shows he cares about you, that shows me he wants your attention. If you chase him and beg him to be in your life, you don’t need him! He doesn’t seem to be interested, so we need to move on. But I know that if I’m nice and sweet to somebody, it makes me feel better.

Remember, when you love someone, you build their self-esteem! They always stay. So smile.

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