Reinventing Yourself


By Susan deCaussin CHt

In a constant drive to be happy, people can feel a need to keep moving, without pause, until the days start spinning faster and faster. Each day becomes a replica of the day before until it feels robotic and unfulfilling. Like chasing a carrot on a stick, happiness and success can become elusive and seemingly unattainable … consistently moving out of reach with each forward step you take. But a herd-like mentality and momentum can push people to remain in motion as they continue an unending pursuit of happiness in life. 

Then one morning, they may wake up and find themselves lacking the motivation to face another depressing replay of the countless days before. Sound familiar? Maybe not for everyone, but this unfortunate scenario is playing out in far too many lives. When people buy into the idea that attaining happiness and peace comes from the world outside of them, they turn their backs on the opportunity to uncover and explore their individual gifts and purpose for being here, which can only be found by looking inward.

These past couple of years provided a chance for people to get off the treadmill of their daily routine. And when that happened, many found themselves wanting more out of life. But then the challenge came in determining exactly how to make that change happen.

It starts with a shift and elevation in awareness. Before you can make the necessary adjustments in your life with which to obtain a state of happiness and peace, you have to undo the societal programming that put you on the treadmill in the first place.

It’s essential to realize that we’ve been conditioned to think that a happy life comes from material things, notoriety, physical features, wealth, and the like. We’re made to believe that we’ll have all the ingredients we need to have that “happy” life by obtaining these things. But that’s entirely backward! You don’t need any of those ingredients when you’re really happy. Happiness comes from doing those things that you are naturally drawn to do. Those things ignite passion and excitement within you.

What is it that you’re passionate about? We’ve been led to believe that the things we enjoy are “hobbies” and that “work” is something we’re supposed to anguish over – something meant to pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads. Sayings like “happy hour” and “TGIF” reinforce the belief that work is something we should want to escape from. 

What if we flipped that script upside down? What if we were encouraged to pursue happiness by moving toward those things that ignite drive and passion? That is the true meaning of success. Nothing else matters when people are engaged in activities that bring about a profound sense of joy and fulfillment. They don’t need a large bank account, a fancy car, the latest gadgets, or notoriety. 

The message is this: Stop working hard at things you don’t enjoy in the pursuit of happiness. When you do what makes you happy, you won’t care about all the extra stuff, and you’ll look forward to each day with excited anticipation. If you’re seeking more direction and a deeper understanding, I offer guidance sessions that can help shift your perspective and bring more clarity. Namaste’

Susan deCaussin CHt


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