All of Me


by Eve Wilson

The incredibly wise and unconditionally loving spirit of Sea Turtle has been teaching me about acceptance and its essential role in healing and ascension – see my blog post on 3/17/23 for more about Sea Turtle’s Gift.

Ascension takes us from the belief and experience of being limited and faulty to the experience of unity with the Higher Self and the state of Mastery. Sea Turtle is an Ascended Master Being, and I am grateful to be learning from this gentle friend.

In my meditations with Sea Turtle, I have been learning that to become whole, all parts of myself need to participate in unity with my Higher Self. I’ve been shown how things we judge within ourselves and our world as not enlightened enough, faulty, or diseased are ready now to step into a new identity. But for that to happen, we need to accept and include those in our wholeness.  

Getting whole: Most people spend much of their time in their heads. Some are more in their bodies or their emotions. Rarely someone is mostly in their spiritual nature, and even more rarely in their wholeness. There are parts of us that are in good shape, parts that are damaged, and those that are strong or weak. There are positive and negative memories, attitudes, and beliefs that reside in different parts of ourselves. We move toward wholeness when we embrace all our parts with acceptance.

What I’ve been learning is to center within my body and aura (which extends to an arm’s length from my body in all directions, including below my feet, above the head, and behind). 

Extending my arms, I center within my waist like it was the hub of a wheel, and the rim is an arm’s length away in every direction 360 degrees. The connection between these inner and outer focuses can be imagined as spokes in a spherical wheel. I center within the hub and, with an open heart, embrace my whole aura, which contains body, emotion, mind, soul, and spirit. I welcome memories, attitudes, and conscious or unconscious beliefs that exist within my body and aura to enter my wholeness.

Then I lightly squeeze my feet, calves, thighs, and glutes to anchor deeply into my body while staying aware of my aura. Into all of this, I welcome my Higher Self which is my eternal and enlightened focus of the Oneness of life. I invite it to co-create wholeness within me. To be my wisdom, unconditional love, and guide through each circumstance and experience past, present, and future.

Try this for yourself, and once you are in that space of being self-aware at that level, take that awareness deeper. Notice where you feel uncomfortable, blocked, weak or inflamed. Notice how those parts of you are used to being unhappy, unloved, feeling ashamed, or not good enough. Open your heart to them and welcome them to step up into balance with the parts that feel good. Hold your openness and welcome your Higher Self to hold all parts in unconditional love and lift them into unity and wholeness. Blocks will begin to clear, and this will empower your wholeness.

Practice this in meditation, but also during activities where you can practice this focus—perhaps walking or doing chores. 

When you can hold unity and wholeness in all circumstances, you will be entering the ascended state. It takes practice, and it’s important to accept that you won’t always be there, but you are learning.  

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