Stop Doubting Your Intuition


By Barbra White

Singing to my horse Savannah the other day, she tossed her head playfully back and forward as I sang. I laughed in delight. Then at that very moment, my sister Danielle who died in Oct, said to me, “I am so happy I get to be in Joy WITH you now.” I felt her words and saw her big green energy near me. 

Walking into the house, I felt a pulling in my body to a peace pledge picture that was in our natural health healing center ‘Herbal Energies’ 20 years ago. I felt a need to take the front of the peace picture off. Underneath the peace picture was a picture of a fairy that gave instructions on how to talk to your guardian angels. I remember my sister Danielle had used money from the business to print the picture at Kinkos. I was upset and gave her an ear full. I also felt that mentioning angels at a natural health healing center was unprofessional, so I covered up the angels with a peace pledge picture. I know…what?? 

Boy, have I evolved as I gazed at the angel picture. I heard Danielle say, “Never hide your magical gifts again. Hiding helps no one.”   

Filled by the day’s unfoldment, I went to do some cleaning and started organizing a closet. 

Like something in the movies, a birthday card I had saved that I had not seen in 20 years fell from the top shelf, and it said, “You are a joy-filled spirit, and I never want to be the one to take that away from you. Some day I will be filled with as much joy as you, and I will be able to JOIN YOU and support you in your joy. I love you always.  

Love, Danielle

I sobbed for hours. Not because I was sad. Because I saw, felt, and experienced on a bone-depth level: death is just the beginning; we are never separate. 

And love is never wasted (even if someone can only receive it fully after death) 

Your loved ones are always with you. You are surrounded by your healed ancestors, angels, and Earth energies. Allow Life to love you. 

Love-Beauty-Great Divine Spirit is constantly and continuously knocking.  

Past pains (trauma) can be the fertilizer to your Bloom. 

It’s never too late to heal. If you are ready to live into your intuition, nature mysticism, and joy…I am your teacher! May Retreat at mother bear: eco-magic, elemental chi cong, horse healing, embodied feminine, and Magdalene Path. 

Next retreat July 7-9th.  


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