Be Willing to Hear God’s Will


by Linda La Croix     

When living life as a spiritual walk, you spend time in meditation. It’s a special quiet time you leave open in your day to commune with God. Connecting to the greater good of existence, we sit in the silence, drowning out the rest of the world and listening in the stillness for words of grace and ease. 

  When you prepare yourself for a time in meditation, you bring nothing with you. Often that can be difficult even for the strongest of will because thoughts are things that pop up! Just do the best you can, be intentional, decide you want to do it, and then that will make it easier for you!  

  If you have something that is weighing on your mind, enter your quiet time without an agenda. Bring no thoughts of how to fix any problems; God knows before you ask. Just take time to breathe and clear your mind of constant thoughts that are going nowhere. As you walk to your spot, tell yourself you are going to spend time devoted to the right and perfect action. Know with all your being this is opening your awareness to listen for God’s still, small voice. Be willing to hear, know or see the right and perfect action.   

  A few years ago, I began my meditation thinking about a holistic event I wanted to have at Unity of Lake Orion. Being willing to have an event like that is one thing. Having it come together with little effort is another. (Know that too much effort is not living in the flow.) God’s grace was missing for me; nothing was flowing. I intuitively knew this meant the event had to be different from my previous ones, but I wasn’t aware yet. I had to enter meditation and let it flow through me. 

  More than likely, at one time, you have experienced a situation like this. You understand what is needed but need help to visualize your next step! Part of you wants to freak out, do nothing and go on with your life. The other part of you knows God’s energy is moving the chess pieces for something better, but what? 

  I placed the idea of the right and perfect action in my conscious mind and sat in the stillness with no thoughts of what the outcome would look likeā€”just being still, aware of breathing in God’s goodness, and listening for a positive, creative expression to enter. 

  Soon, I heard, “Harvesting Your Soul.” That was it! 

  There was no sea parting, lightning bolt, or burning bush, but it was my new and “different” event. No work from me, which is how I recognized God’s hand in the mix. It’s easy and no work!

  It turned out wonderful. One vendor arrived early to prepare their spot and set the day’s intention. A geometric grid energetically held the space for positive energy, love, and kindness to be present. We were led through a series of small movements called Chi-Do to clear our energy flow and align us with the earth below us and God, the Source of energy above us. When we had opened our thought energy, we were led on a guided medicine wheel meditation. During the meditation, we were told how the directions of North, South, East, and West play a vibration of actions in our life.

  We were also taught how to take a more proactive responsibility for our own lives by learning and practicing muscle testing and using a pendulum. We heard how good quality nutritional vitamins and minerals can make a difference, add hydration, and eat well. We learned that not only is good quality food important, but eating healthy portions is a must. We snacked on a few of those good healthy foods too! 

  Have you ever noticed how listening to the woes of someone else or the world seems to make you feel uncomfortable or overwhelmed? Then most likely, you are an empath. Most of us are. We shared thoughts about empaths and heard positive ways to be aware of it, plus use it to our advantage and not be fearful of it. We closed out our Harvesting Your Soul Gathering with a therapeutic sound and made more connections with the vendors.

  The day was as it was designed to be; right and perfect! Enjoyable, no work, lots of fun, and, by popular request, is being set up again for this fall. 

  In this story, I hope you see that we, as men and women of the human race, sometimes think we are at the top of the chain. We have all the answers; we give all the directions. We can get lost in the belief that we are right, can do it right, and can fix or control everything. Those thoughts are designed for failure, loss, and havoc!

  When things fall apart when we fail, we make the mistake of thinking: WE are in control. That’s an untruth and is where you will find trouble. Let it go, open yourself to God’s will and understanding, and live in the flow!

  God has a plan, and if you’re not receiving it. This means it’s time to go into meditation and find the plan. Remember, God’s still, small voice is a loving and positive voice. When you are open and acting with your innate wisdom, your life creates itself, just like my events and my services at Unity, with little to no work. It’s the flow, and it’s a blessing.

  Remember to take calming breaths as you breathe in the breath of God and let His will sweep in, and then take action and create!

Many blessings,

Linda La Croix

Unity Director at 

Unity of Lake Orion


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