Money and the Energy of It


By Laura Moody

When I turn on the news or listen to the radio, I always hear about the economy. Sometimes, it is good, but mostly it is bad. In our society, we are always thinking about money. What do things cost? How much do we make? Will we have enough of it? For many years I worried about money; I never felt there was enough of it in my life. I would stare at bills and then stare at my checkbook and think, “How will I make it?” In my dreams about money, I was homeless, I was destitute, and I was desperate.

I started to change my thoughts about money. I wondered if I visualized there is an overabundance. I often thought I could manifest more of it. I discovered that money is an “energy” and how my attitude towards it created my experiences. In the book “Love Money, and Money Loves You,” Sarah McCrum examines our relationship with money and how our hatred of it or our love of it affects us. There are many books and lectures about manifesting money. I am starting to work with the idea that money is an energy, and with positive thoughts and emotions, we can attract more of it. I do notice that the more I complain about money and the lack of it, I tend to experience more lack. This is true of anything in my life. The negativity of my words tends to create more negativity in my life.

I encourage you to be positive about money. Bless it, thank it, be happy about it, and see what direction your life will take. Use affirmations regarding money. “The universe is abundant. There is more than enough for me!” Use your money to pay it forward. As we bless others with our money, we create an energy exchange and flow into our life. Use your money for self-love and self-care, play with it, and find a playful energy exchange in your life. Let’s all focus on keeping our thoughts and vibrations high as we deal with the energy of money. “May each of you have an unlimited supply of it in your life!”

Laura Moody is a psychic medium and organizer of Rock Your World Events. For more on Rock Your World, go to:


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