Being Brave – My Soul Journey


By Penny Golden

I recently decided to teach others what I have learned from Spirit throughout my life. It feels scary and risky, too; when I’m with Spirit, everything flows in a sweet, compassionate way; there is no judgment, fear, or criticism. My inner critic is quiet, and I can sit sweetly with a child’s innocence and ask any question, be given, shown, and guided to understand the answer and how that answer connects to me and the rest of creation. I’m always left feeling greatly loved and completely aware of my oneness with all creation, and all is well.

Fast forward an hour later; my inner critic is working overtime with what I need to do, what I should do, what I did not do yet, what I did not do well, and oh my God, why, when, and will I ever get it right. That’s how I feel about sharing what the Ascending Master and those from the Angelic realm have shared with me through the years. I instantly think, well, who am I to speak for the heavens, nobody special for sure. Some days I do more wrong than others do all week. But through all my life’s pain, trials, and tribulations, I have had the gift of being Guided by Spirit… that’s why this Magazine is called Body Mind Spirit Guide.

And even though I started the Magazine 17 years ago, I have remained mainly in the background, doing what I call heavens bidding; instead of sharing my work, I choose to find people that are doing God’s Work and give them the best support that I could. It’s been a great gift to get to know the advertisers and writers in the Magazine, and their intention to help others heal from their suffering, expand their minds, and connect with higher realms has been a gift for the community and me. But recently, I lost my husband of 30 years and, while grieving, found out I have cancer.

Facing death was scarier than I thought it would be; Edgar Cayce says death is like walking a hundred miles in tight shoes, and when you die, it is as if the shoes have been removed, and you feel great relief. But I was not feeling relieved, leaving my family and my life; I felt sadness. And the sadness was from not connecting more and deeper with the beautiful souls in my life. 

And it was clear that supporting Healers, Psychics, and Spiritual Leaders was great, but it was also one way I avoided sharing the heavenly experiences that were so richly a part of my everyday life. I never wanted to be that strange person who talks to the dead or about Spirits, Angels, Energy, Past lives, Psychic Gifts, and… Well, God as I have come to know God. 

With the Magazine, I have hoped to make it more understandable and acceptable that we, you, me, and everyone are Spiritual Beings. And we have many ways we can connect with God, access Spiritual Gifts, Divine Powers, and heal ourselves, others, and the world.

On December 25th of this year, I will be 60 years old, and in January, I will be teaching my first class designed by the Ascended Masters to teach others how to connect with the Spirit World. I have taught these things to many people over the years, one person at a time, as Spirit has guided me, and I have seen how it has transformed their lives.   

Still, my inner critic is working overtime, saying things like, can you do this with people that show up and Spirit as not personally chosen for you to guide them? Will you be able to teach more than one person at a time? Is the class too long, too short a time? Are you charging too much or not enough? Is it fair to charge at all? Will anyone show up? Will you need to give them a full refund? 

I DON’T KNOW… But I know this; I will dedicate the rest of this life to sharing what I have learned and experienced working with the Ascended Masters so that others can connect with their souls in this lifetime and access the higher Spiritual Realms. The more people we have ascending right now, the better it is for all, including the animals, the planet, and all sentient beings. 

Thank you for reading about my journey; if you feel called to join me, I would love to see you on January 14th for the first-ever Soul Journey (Re)View Workshop. Please see my ad and note that I have asked our very own “Barbra White,” a nationally known author and celebrated workshop facilitator, to join me in creating this one-of-a-kind experience for your soul. 

Respectfully and with love

Penny Golden, Founder Body Mind Spirit Guide


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