People are becoming more intuitive these days.  Have you noticed?   It’s a natural result of spiritual evolution and our evolution is speeding up tremendously.

Folks are starting to pay more attention when something doesn’t feel right.  The “doesn’t feel good” might have been playing in the background for quite some time, but now it’s getting harder to ignore.  It’s comforting to know these intuition impulses are right on target.  You can count on them to let you know the truth about anything.  If any part of your life feels uncomfortable, it’s worth examining.  This includes where you live, your job, health, beliefs, and your relationships.

Intuition shows up in different ways.  Maybe you get a stomachache when you think about going to work or in regard to someone in your life.  Others might get a headache or a sad, hopeless feeling with  regard to something in their life.

Your body is your intuitive champion.  It is never a mistake to heed it because it cannot lie.  As you pay attention to its broadcast, you know whether a situation is favorable or an energy drain. That puts you in a position to figure out what kind of changes would cause you to be happier.
Your body will keep reminding you if a situation is troubling.  If you don’t pay attention to it, the signal will usually get stronger.  Your headache or upset stomach will get worse.

Your intuition isn’t sleeping on the job in business either.  If a situation in the workplace feels like it’s off track, you might want to slow down and listen to your body’s messages. You will be tapping into a valuable tool to help sort out what is for the highest good and best for the company.  Once you understand that something feels “off,” use your rational/left brain wisdom to look deeper at what the problem could be.  A closer look at facts, figures, and other data could help determine what is happening that could be changed for the better.

This works best when everyone in the company is given a chance to make suggestions to help the business succeed.  Sometimes it’s the person with the least seniority that has the best intuition.  An administrative assistant might get an intuitive hit that tells her the expensive new advertising campaign will fail.  Or, she might intuitively know that a particular client will not pay their bill.

When you get an uneasy feeling about a situation, do you try to get to the bottom of it quickly or does it fester and get worse before you do something?  It’s helpful to remember that there is a valid reason for your uncomfortable feeling and that often you can do something to change your circumstances.

An Action Plan
Sit in a quiet spot and relax.
Say a prayer & ask for help understanding the situation.
Close your eyes & do deep breathing or meditation.
Ask for insight into the matter.  You can call on your Higher Self, a guide, a deceased loved one, or an angel to help you.
Write down everything that enters your mind.
When you feel like you’re finished, thank your Helper.
If you don’t know quite what to do about the problem, you might want to consult your intuition to select a good counselor or psychic to assist you in determining what to do.  Often you will have been thinking along the same lines as what you hear from this professional.  Your intuitive knowing might just need confirmation from another trusted source.
Life gets much easier when you follow your body’s intuitive lead.  I encourage you to be alert to your body’s messages and then have the strength and courage to change whatever is not working well for you.

Shala Kilmer


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