Vibrational Flow


When we are born, we are spiritual beings of Divine Love and are recognized as love by those around us. Our loving energy is expansive and is reflected back in the way others behave as love towards us. Everyone is choosing to be the Divine Love we are. We come into this world with our own life goals, having the parents who will give our soul the ingredients that, should we choose well and in accordance with our Highest Self, connecting and guided by Divine Source, enable us to accomplish these goals to fulfill our highest potential and be and share the Divine Love that we are.

Just as when we are born and our divine loving energy attracts more love, any energy we express attracts similar energy back to us. In other words, we attract and receive exactly what we send and give to others with our vibrational energy. We actually have the power, are the power, that creates the world we live in and experience. We literally are of Divine Source, whether we accept it or not. Not accepting this does not make it untrue.

Knowing that we are the power that creates our lives, we can accept, be responsible and develop the ability to be mindful of what we are personally creating with our vibrational energy and choices.

Our emotions are the base of the vibrational quality we broadcast. Like when we are babies, or lovers, broadcasting that Divine Love as mentioned above. On the opposite pole, most people can feel the heated waves of anger coming off another, even when no words are spoken. And, remember how feelings of joy are so contagious. Like attracts like, and our emotions attract people and experiences to us like a magnet. Those whose vibrations are not in harmony will feel very “disharmonious” and will have a choice to change their vibration, or leave.

When we are connected with Divine Source, our vibrational quality harmonizes and becomes higher. It’s a good idea to surround yourself with those of similar or higher vibrations. Not only will you be more comfortable, all gain strength in the higher vibration, and the connection with Divine Source is stronger. It is easy to be and demonstrate the Divine Love you are.

Our thoughts then flow forth based upon these emotions as their foundation. If the thoughts are based in Divine Love, they lead us towards joy, and our life goals. They are sign posts guiding us to the completion of our soul’s journey while being the Divine Love we are. Conversely, if the thoughts are based on negative vibrations… well, you not only feel negative, they most certainly do not lead you to your highest good, your highest potential. They draw other negative people and situations to you. This can happen even when you are unaware of your thoughts.
Being aware of your thoughts and their vibrational quality is very important. A good check is to look at what’s happening in your life. If it’s not going the way you’d like, look at your thoughts and emotions. If you are very giving, yet give with unconscious “strings” attached, you are not giving with love, so love is not what you are going to attract or get back. Give with love and no expectations, and you’ll receive more love and abundance back.

If you are not sure what your inner thoughts are that are creating your reality, listen to yourself. Listen to how you describe yourself. How do you describe others? Is it in a positive, harmonious and loving way? Or, is it in a negative, discounting and angry way? Are you connected with Divine Source? A good spiritual counselor, psychotherapist or hypnotist can assist in guiding you towards being awake and aware of your thoughts and in reframing them in a positive way. They can also guide you, paving the way for you to more easily connect with Divine Source. As a fellow hypnotist friend and mentor, Frank Garfield says, “What the mind agrees with, the body responds to.” So does your energy. How we speak to ourselves determines how we act and what we attract with our waves of vibrations, like a magnet.

This leads us to behavior. The act or behavior follows the thought which follows the emotion. There is a great deal of difference in a hug given in love rather than in a functional way. The energetic vibrations in our actions don’t lie. So, if you’re looking for love, but not acknowledging the love you are, you’ll actually keep the love away. Being the love you really are, you’ll attract more love to you!

Learning to be aware of our emotions, thoughts, and resulting actions, enables us to choose to be in harmony with Divine Source, or align with our ego, resisting knowing we are Divine Love. Remember, the more we are able to maintain our connection with Divine Source, the more we are able to recognize and transform our negative emotions, thoughts and behavior and realize the joy, love and peace we really are.

Miche Lame’ MALLP


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