Broken or Ascending?


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By Eve Wilson

Everything is undergoing change in rapid succession. Whether personal, political, economic, relationship, or planetary — change has become the new norm. It is common for things we used to rely on to now be unreliable, even our own mind and body. 

You may find yourself wondering, “Who will I be today? How will I feel today? What can I rely on today?”. 

Sometimes it feels like our world is broken or dying. But it is not! It is ascending, which is a wonderful thing that leads to a better world.

Ascension lifts us out of our limitations and into the strength of our eternal true selves. The world has been asleep and dreaming a dream that there is never enough. Never enough love, money, food, joy, or fulfillment. This dream has run its course. Like many dreams, it has been a learning dream. We dreamed we were separate; through this, we have learned to individuate out of the vastness of the One from which all life springs. Now we are awakening, ascending back into unity with that one, but keeping our individual identities. As many individuals who are unified through the Oneness of All That Is, we are ready to co-create through our diversity. In this way, we will discover there is enough of everything for everyone. We will know ourselves as unique and essential. We will no longer need to conform or fit in and find connection. 

Connection with others will be a fluid and joyful journey of co-creating.  

During our awakening, all assumptions about reality will be released so we can embrace this new reality. 

So, while it feels that everything is falling apart and nothing is reliable, we will discover this new reality within. Safety, peace, trust, and confidence are found by switching our identity from an outer reflected sense of fitting into the inner strength of our true, unique, eternal selves. This inner true self has always been within, though often ignored. We are learning to own our core of Inner Wisdom, wholeness, and unconditional love.  

The work of living from our unique Inner Wisdom is becoming easier by the day as we and our world are ascending to a higher vibration during this time of rapid change. You can find more information to strengthen your Inner Wisdom on my website, especially in the video gallery and store. 

I want to give you a gift from my website store to help you hold steady so you can release the old and embrace the new more effectively. After you have strengthened your connection to Inner Wisdom, the right power animal can help you to ground so strongly into your true self that letting go of old limitations and false identity can happen much more easily. So, below is a coupon to download my Power Animal Journey MP3 for free. It will help you find the power animal(s) you need at this current phase of your life and ascension.  

Power Animals are spiritual teachers that each carry unique gifts. Working with them can strengthen needed qualities within body, emotion, mind, and soul to help you hold steady during change. The journey process I teach helps you get beyond your ideas of what you need. This allows your Inner Wisdom to receive from the One the right power animal to strengthen you and allow you to thrive.  

Find the Power Animal Journey on my website . Click Store/Pay, then scroll to Power Animal Journey. During checkout, enter power-animal in the REDEEM YOUR COUPON box to check out free!


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