Calling In the Heart of Your Beloved


By Deirdre Hade

We all have the longing for a deeper experience of love. It is part of our human nature to desire to connect in a truly intimate way with another. I would like to share some wisdom and heart‑centered steps for developing intimacy in love: The Story of the Beloved, the Shekinah Presence, The Four Steps to Creating Divine Romance with a Partner (and that partner can be God), and a Return to Bliss.

It Is Time for You to Know a Deeper Love

In the mystical tradition, this deeper love is known as the beloved and the beloved. Throughout time, this has been named as a return to union the marriage of our soul to our Beloved, the Creator. The beloved is a very real energy. It’s an energy of God that we all have the potential to experience and hold within us. With the right direction, your partner can carry the resonance of the beloved and both of you can experience the profound union that you long for. In the eastern tradition, it is known as the yogic path of Tantra. But you can experience this without being a yogi by having a spiritual practice of yoking yourself to the divine light. This is the purpose of the Radiance Journey meditations.

In a new relationship, there are things that you can do to help foster the experience of your beloved. If you are in a long‑term relationship there are steps you can take to rekindle your love by calling in the presence of the beloved in both you and your partner. If you don’t have a partner, there are spiritual practices you can use to call in your beloved while in meditation. The experience of The Beloved is a mystical state of bliss and joy. In the Kabbalah, it is said that there is a soulmate for every person on earth. Everybody has a soulmate, but sometimes we don’t find each other because we can’t hear our soulmate calling for us. It is therefore important to open your spiritual eyes and ears and be ready to know when the energy of your soulmate is near. You want to be aware enough to recognize this presence of love.

Your Beloved Is a Mystical Experience

The beloved can be a mystical experience between two people. It is deep, rich, and indescribable. It is a presence that can create what has never been created, heal what has never been healed before. It is the place where your soul relaxes into the arms of your beloved. When we unite with our beloved, when we’re in that place of deep resonance our soul feels safe, our soul says, “I have a home now and so I will return.” When your soul returns fully into your body you are enlightened.

The Beloved’s Light of the Shekinah

The beloved is a spiritual and mystical pathway to God. In the creative story of the mystical Kabbalah, it says that God took His beloved and brought Her to earth. He put Her on the earth to be the light of physical existence. To hold the eternal light that creates all of life. It is She who makes everything live. The trees, the flowers, the air, and water. All of nature is from the generosity of God’s beloved, you could say she is Mother Earth. The story continues because God’s beloved was so beautiful and because He cherished his beloved so much, he gave us his beloved so that we could live. This is the Shekinah – our divine, indwelling light.

It is said that God is always longing for his beloved Shekinah. Thus every Sabbath he descends to earth to retrieve Her, the Shekinah, to ascend to heaven with Him, to return to his sacred bedroom where they will unite in bliss. The Shekinah is always longing for her Beloved God’s return. Within every human, the Shekinah Presence which is our Soul is longing to return home and merge in union with the Soul’s Beloved Creator. We are all carrying the story within us. And when we do find that kind of love here on earth, it is romantic, wonderful, rejuvenating and peaceful.

This story is within the archetypes of our consciousness. This story is the journey of our heart. Each of us can create a special place for our beloved to enter. First, it’s very important to invite divine romance into your life. There is a romance, a wooing between God and Shekinah, His beloved. This courting is romantic as romance softens the heart and puts the ego to rest. Divine romance creates a sacred frequency, the energy of love necessary for the Beloved and the Beloved. To do this, it is very simple.

The Four Steps to Creating a Divine Romance

1. Turn off the world, the phone, the television, and create a sacred chrysalis for you and your beloved to find each other’s Soul.

2. Take this special time with your beloved where you bring all of your attention into one another. Look into each other’s eyes deeply. Take each other’s left hand and place it on one another’s heart. Hold each other’s heart and breathe together slowly and gently until the inhale and exhale of your breath become one. Stay with this as long as you can.

3. After your breath has united, begin to stroke each other’s face. Use the back of your hand and the palm of your hand to explore each other’s face. Study the curves of your Beloved’s face. The face is extraordinarily sensitive. See if you can see the face beneath the physical face, your Beloved’s Soul face longing to open.

4. As you embrace, fall even deeper into each other as if gravity is pulling the two of you together. Now share with each other what you love about each other, what you are grateful for in the other and finish by saying, “I see you, I love You.”

Experience a Return to the Bliss of Love

By spending time together with these four steps and by having your meditation practice of yoking to the light you have just opened up, The Invitation to the Soul of Your Beloved. And this presence will make itself known in the bliss you will be experiencing.

And this is true satisfaction in love where wholeness and completion reside in our soul. The ego’s form of relationship love is not the same kind of love as this love. Ego’s love cannot quench the thirst of your soul’s deep need to be loved. And you deserve to know love. These steps even work alone in your meditation practice. Simply put God’s presence in front of you.

She/He will show up. I promise. You will experience the intimacy of union with the divine.

And what if you don’t have a partner and you desire one? Your loving partner is coming. Believe and know this. God created someone for everyone!

Deirdre Hade is a mystic, artist, and visionary elucidating the spiritual world.


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