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Magic of 10 Seconds


By Christine Fodor

How can 10 seconds be magic? What does that even mean? So… what if your choice expires every 10 seconds and you get to choose again? What? Choose every 10 seconds? Yes! This is the magic of choosing! I was always taught things like, “You will suffer the consequences of your choice,” or, what’s that saying, “Make your bed and you must lie in it,” or, “Make sure you make the right choice,” as though it was permanent. Um, how about I just make another choice? So if I’m not liking what I chose I just choose something else? Yes! Choose again. Every 10 seconds! This is another tool from, Access Consciousness, found in, “The 10 Keys to Total Freedom” by Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness. The tool is actually, ‘Live in 10 Second Increments’.

This tool was an amazing liberation and freedom for me. You mean I’m not stuck with my choice? Nope. Just choose again. That simple. How many of us use our power of choice every 10 seconds? I know I didn’t. And sometimes we just keep choosing the same thing. That’s okay. It’s the awareness and acknowledgment that you are choosing it, that creates the freedom and magic. Be empowered. Just choose. Every 10 seconds.

I started out with little choices such as, What would I like to choose for this 10 seconds? How this really helped me was in dealing with an emotional upset. When angry or upset about something, what else can I choose in the next 10 seconds? I choose joy! I choose happiness! For me, it helped me to let go of anger or frustration because it’s just a choice… every 10 seconds. Holding onto anger or frustration is also just a choice… every 10 seconds. The magic for me is that it allowed me to have more awareness about what I’m really choosing; how we are with something, how we react to something, is also just a choice… every 10 seconds.

My favorite story to tell is how to shift energy with choice and living in 10-second increments. I remember one day I came home from work and I was upset. I can’t remember why but I was upset and angry. So, there I was in the kitchen cooking and cleaning and upset. I was aware that I wasn’t enjoying that energy and would like something different. I remembered the tool of Living in 10 Second Increments and that I can choose. So with gritted teeth and grrrr I said, “Joy, I choose joy.” And of course, I was no way near any place of joy. So, my next questions were: How can I choose joy right now? What would it take for me to choose joy? What would it take for me to be joy? And it was said all very sarcastic and like ‘yeah right’. (For more information about asking questions to create your reality, check out my articles in last month’s publication.)

So, the next thing I know, I’m singing and dancing in the kitchen. What? Yep. Where did the anger go? How did that happen? I chose something else and asked questions that allowed it to shift. I don’t even remember what I was upset about. I also don’t know exactly how much time had passed. It took a few 10-second increments to shift but the point is that I was willing to choose something different in the next 10 seconds and my circumstances changed. I didn’t try to figure it out or know how or why. It just happened. And then I chose gratitude. How much more fun is joy and gratitude than anger and frustration? And it all started with a 10-second increment choice. You can do it too!

And sometimes there’s more stuff going on for you about a reaction or a choice, and your ability to choose it or not choose it. If you can’t let go or choose something different in the next 10 seconds and would like to but can’t seem to do it, that’s when facilitation is helpful. Ask someone who is a facilitator to help you clear any issues you may have with choosing or not choosing in general, or with specific reactions or topics that may seem like they’re stuck. Even just the awareness of Living in 10 Second Increments is huge in just acknowledging what you are or are not choosing, every 10 seconds.

So what can you choose in the next 10 seconds? What can you choose to shift your energy or choose something different? What would it take for you to Live in 10 Second Increments? What magic can you create in your life by just being aware every 10 seconds? Just choose. Every 10 seconds. And be the magic you truly be.

Christine Fodor is an Energy Medicine Specialist & Creation Coach specializing in clearing blocks to your success in love, relationships, business, health and wealth for over 16 years. Christine offers sessions and classes in person and online. Certified in Access Consciousness® BF, BPF, AFF, AHP, CFMW; Holy Fire III Usui and Karuna Reiki® Master, ThetaHealing and more. www.renewalhealth.net 248-444-7408


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