Celebrating Life!


As I sit here writing this on Veterans Day, I am ready and willing to celebrate life in any way I get the opportunity to, and to create some opportunities to do so. We are here to create the experience of heaven on earth and part of doing so is, I think, to celebrate life in all its different arrays of being.

So what does this mean? One thing it means is having unconditional positive regard for all of Source’s beings and how they choose to live using their free will. It also means mindfully having positive thoughts (while being connected with Source) and using them to create your experience of the world. As we now know, our experience of the world is a hologram created within our own mind, and all our minds are connected. As one group mind raises their vibration and experience of life, this causes rippling effects in the world, because of this connection!

As we are all connected, my joy is yours and vice versa. The more joy, love, and acceptance or unconditional positive regard we have, the more it grows throughout the world, the universe. We literally share this joy, love, and acceptance/unconditional positive regard, and life becomes a celebration of that joy, love, and acceptance from Source, that we are parts of. We create heaven on earth.

So, let us celebrate life! What if you have difficulty connecting with joy, love, and acceptance of yourself, let alone others? Remember that you are not your thoughts. Your thoughts are transitory, changeable, and impermanent. When you recognize this and identify your thoughts, remove them from their power, you can change those thoughts into positive ones full of joy, love, and acceptance/unconditional positive regard. As you gain power and mindfulness over your thoughts and change them as you will, you can change your experience of life.

And when you realize you can be in control of your thoughts, there is no limit to who you can be, what you can do, how joyful you want to be, and you can create the life of your dreams. A life of celebration if you desire! So, go out and create a life of celebration!


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