Begin Again…and Again


You don’t need a new calendar year to consider new beginnings. Each day (heck, each and every minute) is another opportunity to start anew. But, to do that, you must be comfortable stepping into unfamiliar territory.

For some reason, we’ve all been led to believe that a good life is one that’s predictable. One that’s “comfortable”. In case you haven’t noticed, staying in your comfort zone can leave you feeling like something’s missing. As if there should be something more to your life.

It seems like the majority of people find themselves discovering this as they begin to approach mid-life. They start to feel as if time is running out and they still haven’t understood their life purpose. They feel like they’re simply going through the motions, without being fulfilled.

The world is constantly evolving. Even your body is continuously changing. The birth of each cell is a direct response to the energy you are holding at that precise moment. So, what’s holding you back from moving with the flow of the Universe?

To move forward, you must drop the baggage of the past. That old stuff can hold you back in two different ways. First, by continuously reliving events of the past, you’re directing energy away from manifesting new circumstances. Second, by dwelling on those past events, you are unconsciously reinforcing the limiting beliefs that they created.

The short answer to moving forward and creating new beginnings is in being completely engaged in the present moment. When you are able to release the need to relive the past, and can let go of unforgiveness, you can stop those memories from defining your capabilities. Face it. You can’t change the past, so why not move on? Mindfulness activities, such as meditation and yoga, gently clear the cobwebs from your mind and allow you to direct all of your awareness and energy into the NOW. In those moments, that creative force allows you to open up to the many different paths that are calling you. Those are defined as “ah-ha” moments. We’ve all experienced them, at one point or another. It’s when clarity steps in and we’re inspired to move in new directions.

Free will gives us the opportunity to choose where we want to direct our energy. It’s just that easy. Each moment of every day, you have the option to either hold limiting, fearful beliefs about yourself and the world you live in, or to wipe the slate clean, pull yourself into the present moment, and direct your energy into exciting, new directions that speak to your soul.

Occasionally, the cause of your actions and reactions cannot easily be determined. Your reactions to life may be triggered by something deep in the subconscious mind. In those cases, a few sessions of Hypnotherapy can help to uncover and release the control that those limiting beliefs may have on your life — allowing you to move forward comfortably and confidently.

Breaking down the barriers of limiting beliefs doesn’t have to happen at a special time of the year. Every day provides the opportunity to start anew! If I can help you in this process, please call for a free consultation. This is my purpose for being here. Let me help you find yours! Have a happy, prosperous and healthy 2020! Namaste’


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