Love First


What do you do when something upsetting happens?

If you are like most people, you feel shocked, sad, confused, scared, or angry. You probably expend a lot of energy thinking about the situation, even worrying about it obsessively. Each thought and emotion is spawned by fear. You are not in control of yourself; you are reacting without forethought.

When things get tough or scary, fear usually takes over for a while, dominating one’s thoughts and emotions. This is a knee jerk response. It is like being one ball being hit by another on a pool table. The ball that has been hit instantly spins off to another location.

There is a better way of doing things. We don’t have to react fearfully. We can choose to respond to each challenge with love. We can decide that we are going to bless the situation with love. A Course in Miracles states, “Whatever the question, the answer is love.” Truer words have not been uttered!

We simply cannot go wrong if we give love to everything that comes our way. This is the new and higher way, wherein we consciously choose to love first. As we step more deeply into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, love will be the natural first response rather than fear.

I am learning a lot about making loving responses. While it isn’t always the first thought, I come to a loving response more quickly now.

I let down a dear young friend and he has refused to talk to me for several weeks. His defense when hurt by someone is to push that person away and retreat into a shell. We have a special soul connection, though, and it would not be the highest and best thing to let him just disappear.

Soon after I realized he was angry with me, I began to send him love telepathically. I can see the situation from his point of view and the appropriate response is love. I “get” that he is opening his heart a little at a time and I know we will come back into a loving relationship. There is nothing more effective than to send him love.

Another situation presented itself recently. I was about to give one of my renters a thirty day notice to vacate because of several problems to which he had not responded positively in the past. I was sure the situation was unsolvable. Yet shortly before I would have asked him to leave, I was impressed to write out my concerns, discuss them with him, and give him another chance. This was a more loving way to handle the situation and worth another try.

I talked to him clearly and kindly, and gave him a copy of the points I was addressing. He immediately responded with some favorable changes. This is a miracle as far as I am concerned because I couldn’t see the situation improving. I gave a loving response to a difficult situation and it worked.

Life gets a lot easier when love is the first response. You can start the day with the intention of making love your first response. By doing so, you are entraining yourself into new grooves of love rather than those of fear. We’re all in this together, so as each of us decides to make love our first and natural response, it helps everyone else to begin with love as well. Life flows more peacefully and good things show up with ease when we remember to do this. We experience more green lights in our lives, and who wouldn’t love that?

Shala Kilmer

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 Shala Kilmer is a Spiritualist Minister with a Master’s Degree in Education. She offers Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Mediumship, Channeling and Past Life Regressions as well as classes on developing your ability to channel and develop your own psychic gifts. 702 280-8854. Shala is availabe to travel to teach intuition classes throught the US, call for rates and arrangements, and shared profit seminars. 


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