Channeling: A Gift From The Holy Spirit


Would you like to know more about channeling? Channeling is a fascinating, highly accurate way to bring information from the unseen realms to receptive persons. The channel makes contact with a non-physical source; this can be done intentionally, or the channel may not realize he is working with an unseen source. Channeling is one of the many gifts of the Holy Spirit and is useful in many ways.

Various Types of Channeling

Channeling is bringing through information from the unseen side of life. Any new idea comes from a source beyond this three-dimensional world. This process happens to all people and each individual is unique in what they pick up.

Many use this ability in their professions. A composer hears music in his head and writes it down. Writers hear thoughts in their mind and transcribe the information. Whole books have been written this way; A Course in Miracles is a good example. It was written by an atheist professor and every bit of this spiritual book was heard inside her mind.

An actor can step into a role so thoroughly that he or she becomes the person in the play temporarily. The actor feels what the character feels. There are changes in the way the actor moves, talks, and thinks because of stepping fully into the character. Channeling a character in a role like this is also called Method Acting.

A therapist might find she gives inspiring, unexpected messages for the client and, because it seems right, she just allows herself to speak the words. A good salesperson often knows what their client’s concerns are and how to address them even if their prospect doesn’t say anything out loud. A healer channels healing to their client and a psychic brings information and insights to help their clients.

Artists see images in their mind’s eye and express them through a medium such as drawing, painting, or weaving. Architects and designers often visualize new projects already completed with their inner vision.

These talented people can channel information picked up by their inner senses. And so do you.

Voice Channeling

The kind of channeling I am most experienced with is Voice Channeling. With this type of channeling a Spirit is invited to share the human channel’s body. This way the entity can use the channel’s voice box to say its words directly and out loud. This is a profound way to connect with the other side. I have taught people to channel for twenty years and they have gone on to do whatever they wanted to do with the new skill. Some are professional psychics who channel for their clients while other people channel for themselves or close friends.

Channeling Choices

If you channel, be sure to ask for and connect to a Spirit who is in the Light. Spirits who are wandering and have not found their way to the heavens have little to offer and might want to hang around to eat, drink, and be merry through the channel.

You can learn to channel anyone including angels, guides, teachers, Ascended Masters, extraterrestrials, your own Higher Self, as well as deceased loved ones who are in the heavens. If you want to learn to channel, it is usually best to work with someone who is experienced at teaching channeling.

Conscious or Unconscious Channeling

A channel lets their own consciousness step back to give more space, you might say, to the entity who has been invited to share the human’s body for a while. It is up to the channel to decide if they want to channel, when, and for how long. After all the body belongs to the human, not to the spirit who is temporarily sharing the body.

A channel can be either conscious while channeling or totally unaware of what is being said. The longer one has been a conscious channel, the deeper she goes and the less she remembers of what was said. Unconscious channels leave their body and go somewhere on their astral cord while the spirit is talking through them. They won’t know what the spirit said while they were gone and can hear about it through whoever was in the room.

I am a conscious channel. When I channel for a client during a reading I am conscious of what is said through my voice box. Because the words are coming through me rather than from me, and I am stepped back a bit, I forget most of what was said pretty quickly. But I hear what is said in the moment and I am often astonished at the high level information that comes out of my mouth. This is true of the information that comes through student channels as well as more experienced channels I have met.

Physical Evidence of Channeling

When someone voice channels there is physical evidence that this is occurring. The channel’s face changes at least a little and maybe a lot. A woman with a small face might suddenly appear to have a large head, a different face shape, or a more masculine appearance.

The face could appear darker or lighter than it had before the channel invited in another spirit. You might notice a glow around the face that wasn’t there before the person started channeling. That glow would be a sign that a higher level being such as an angel or Ascended Master was sharing consciousness with the channel to bring a message to the listeners.

The voice often changes. It could be pitched higher or lower than normal. A different speech pattern or an accent might be heard. Words often come out in a very fluid way, different than how the person normally talks. The voice could be more peaceful or say more loving things than usually come from that person. The spirit in the channel’s body could be a Joy Guide and say hilarious things, out of character for the channel.

If a high-level being such as Jesus, Buddha, or an angel enters the channel’s body, the energy in the room feels different. People might describe the energy as being more peaceful or loving. If a Joy Guide is brought in, observers might report feeling an energy boost that makes them want to laugh. Joy Guides are very serious about getting people to lighten up.

The Uses of Voice Channeling

People who learn to channel can use the gift for anything that has meaning to them. Some turn on a recording device and channel information for themselves. Others get together with fellow channels to bring wisdom, insight, and comfort to each other.

Many channels use their channeling ability professionally. A clear channel can help clients with a myriad of things. Any question the client has can be addressed in a way that is profoundly useful to the recipient.

Voice Channeling: Available to All

Everyone can learn to channel. It’s a matter of who is drawn to learn the skill. Those who are most interested are the ones who pursue it. I invite you to learn to channel if you aren’t already doing so and feel motivated to learn. Otherwise, you would probably enjoy the information that comes from someone else who has developed the gift.

Shala Kilmer

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 Shala Kilmer is a Spiritualist Minister with a Master’s Degree in Education. She offers Spiritual Counseling, Psychic Mediumship, Channeling and Past Life Regressions as well as classes on developing your ability to channel and develop your own psychic gifts. 702 280-8854. Shala is availabe to travel to teach intuition classes throught the US, call for rates and arrangements, and shared profit seminars. 


  1. Hi Anne,

    Thanks for posting this at our site, I must say I honestly believe that our future can not be foretold and that when Channeling, much of the information is simple possible alternatives… there may be many possible ways and times when something could happen, the date you got, may be the first possible time but it may not actually happen til 30 years later so I hope you will consider that… with love and light.

    Penny Golden, Owner Body Mind Spirit Guide


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