Confidently Humble


Have you ever tried to fit into a crowd? When you’re tried to ‘fit in’ did this leave you feeling separate, alone and isolated? Have you noticed that when you let yourself be yourself, you actually feel a sense of belonging to the group? You must be yourself and shine to feel your belonging to God, or Oneness.
You are not here to be bland oatmeal, trying to blend in and follow someone else’s rules. You are here to courageously listen to the scripture of your heart and dare to be who God has intended you to be. You are magnificent and divine. In being the ‘you’ that takes no effort, you feel one with God. The true you is beyond roles, rules, goals, failures and accomplishments. The true you is the eternal qualities of love, beauty, joy and intelligence that cannot be found, only uncovered.
Being humble does not mean diminishing what you have done, or playing small. Being authentically humble means allowing yourself to be as amazing, empowered and gifted as you are, knowing that your consciousness is still learning.
Reverence and respect are important aspects of any spiritual practice. It is important to honor our teachers, preachers, rabbis, rinpoches, priests and priestesses who remind, ignite or attune us to what is already within.  Even your lover (spouse, partner) is only reminding you of the love you already are.
Healing insecurities and fears is part of the process of realizing your divinity. Witnessing your thoughts and emotions takes great courage; your vulnerability is your power. Paying attention to your emotions and taking time to compassionately witness them keeps you authentically and confidently humble.
Fear to acknowledge one’s genius or divine nature is false humility. You are the Guru, Preacher, and Healer. As you accept your innate divinity, when someone sees you, they also see the One who sent you. Your living example is the greatest way to teach. Accept your gifts, beauty, and power on behalf of all beings. Affirm before you go to bed tonight:


I accept the love I am on behalf of all beings.
I accept the unique gifts within me on behalf of all beings.
I accept the beauty & power within me on behalf of all beings.
I accept the innocence within me on behalf of all beings.

As you accept your humanity you feel your divinity as you.  The paradox is, as you give yourself permission to shine, you feel like a child. As you give yourself permission to be big, you feel small. When you own and claim the divine qualities within (intelligence, beauty, love) you see and feel yourself as part of the One, the Christ consciousness, Buddha nature, or inner Divinity.
You can only perceive in another what you have seen in yourself. When you fully acknowledge your divinity and unique gifts, you realize this for everyone.  Like a tree, you support and uplift those around you by standing tall in who you are created to be. As you accept your humanity you become a bridge between heaven and earth.
Your self-acceptance links the heart to the mind, the body to the soul, and the physical to the spiritual. You don’t have to wait until you ‘do something’, or ‘fix something.’ Accept that you are gifted, loved and magnificent right now, as you are.

Barbra White


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