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When up against a life-changing event, it can seem that there are no choices — or too many! We all at one time or another have stressed about taking chances. This causes fear of the unknown which can result in no decisions being made. All of this may block you from hearing your intuitive voice resulting in not moving forward but instead staying in a difficult place, which can even lead to depression or anxiety.

Being in this stressful mindset can cause procrastination and indecision. Stress is a real kicker! Doctors say that stress is one of the leading causes of early death. Wow, do I have your attention? Mind you, stress and indecision happens to the best of us. One of my good friends, who is very intelligent, misses out on opportunities because they cannot make a decision easily and they do not trust in their intuitive mind. So they have to go through great deliberations, using charts, graphs and even using the Benjamin Franklin method of making a decision.

This is a very logical method by the way but does not compare to the intuitive mind when it comes to decision making. If you have not heard of the Benjamin Franklin method here it is: you make two columns, write at the top of the first column PRO, and at the top of the second column you write CON. Now list the positives and negatives accordingly in the columns.

After you are done, count the items in each column. Whichever side has more items in it determines the correct choice to the situation. It’s that simple, according to Benjamin anyway.

So as you can see, even an intelligent inventor had trouble with choices, but he had a solution that worked most of the time. But when you’re still finding that you cannot make a choice and you feel you need more light on the situation, it is time to look deeper within yourself.

I am sure you’ve heard the old saying, “Go with your gut”, or, “Listen to the first thing that comes to mind and that is the answer.” I used this when I was taking tests in school. It works most of the time — only my anxiety causes me to fail. However, if you are at a point where you are stressed and unsure of what your little voice or gut are telling you, maybe you need to consult with your psychic or spiritual counselor to help you see and hear more clearly.

I often say that you need to have a light shining in the darkness of your path so you can walk with sureness down the road of life. They will go past your roadblocks and see what is before you without even asking you a question because they trust in their intuitive mind. I think a good analogy to this is when a blind person learns to trust their other senses and instincts. They walk with confidence knowing they will not fall.

Once you develop a deep connection with your intuitive mind, you will have the faith to take chances and make your choice — without second-guessing yourself. I recommend reading, “You Can Heal Your Life”, by Louise Hay. This book will help you with turning your fearful thoughts into positive, confident affirmations which will lead to good life choices.

I know all this may sound easy, but I believe the hardest thing for most of us is trusting in our decisions. The anxiety we suffer stressing about choices will affect our future. It is so powerful that people will stay in bad situations way too long even if it causes them stress and unhappiness. Staying in a bad relationship sometimes feels like it is our only choice. When really, not allowing yourself to be in a new relationship is equally paralyzing.

Working out the karma of love is the most difficult lesson for the human soul. We are walking around, full of emotions, wanting to be loved; yet are fearful of loving or being loved. The dilemmas we put ourselves through are so unnecessary. In order to make choices, we must take a chance. Using our psyche (little voice or gut feeling), with trust and confidence, we will make good choices and make the necessary changes needed for happiness and fulfillment.

Wendy Powers Nugent


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