Why Choose the Holistic Approach?


People with health challenges want to know, “Why?”  Why do I have headaches?  Why does my back hurt?  Why am I always tired?  Why me?

When growing up I always wanted to know, “Why do I have allergies?”  “Steve” doesn’t have them.  The medical doctor’s only reply was “Well, we don’t know the answer Marc, maybe you’ll just have to move to Arizona someday and you’ll feel better.”  He then gave me another script for antihistamines and sent me on my way.  No conversation about diet or supplements.

“Maybe it’s because of a subluxation in your neck, like a misaligned vertebra pinching a nerve that sends nerve flow to the sinus area that’s causing your sinus problems.”  These words from my friend’s brother changed my life.  A right or wrong answer, it made no difference.  Someone was speaking the language of CAUSE to answer my question of WHY.

This approach made so much sense to me.  Are headaches from an aspirin deficiency?  Of course not!  At the time, I was Pre Med at Wayne State University.  By the fall of 1978, I began my studies at Chiropractic College, in Marietta, GA.

I am from a classic medical approach family.  I grew up with Dr Kildare and Marcus Welby, MD.  (Does anyone remember those TV shows?)  I never knew there was any other approach, other than drugs and surgery. My classmates shared how their headaches, allergies, hearing loss, vision, digestive issues, fertility issues, etc. all healed or vastly improved with chiropractic care and holistic approaches.  Really?  Wow!  Why aren’t there more people aware of this?

Holistic health seeks to deliver in a safe, drug free mode the reason for pain and functional distress.  The medical or allopathic approach is your best choice for emergency care – – holistic care is your best choice to maintain and protect your most valuable asset, your health.

Holistic healthcare centers on the body’s natural healing ability.  The body is made to be healthy, well and vibrant. – – it’s the central tenet.  People don’t feel as well as they should when the body doesn’t receive what it needs. What does it need?  Besides clean air and water, research says that our diet should be 75% fruits and vegetables.  How many people are doing that?  And how many people are not feeling as good as they should?  Makes sense now?

The body needs a healthy spine. The spine houses the nervous system, and the nervous system powers the body.  It’s the “plug in the wall” that animates us, sending messages from the brain to the organs/glands and skeletal systems of the body.  Misaligned vertebrae of the spine can cause pain and  distress by disrupting proper nerve flow.

You have stress, not just emotional stress, but structural stress and getting the proper nutrients for your body  protect your most important asset, you have to give your body the resources it needs to handle the stress that you have in your life.  Otherwise, it will not function at optimal levels and you will have aches/ pains, fatigue, or…..

My passion for this work soared.  How do I learn more?  I became aware of a muscle testing technique called, Applied Kinesiology that allowed the physician to check acupuncture points and other reflex points, look for sprains and strains, and provide an avenue of approach to assess the wellbeing of the patient in a holistic manner.  I noticed that when my fellow students needed help, they sought someone who knew this work.  I purchased the AK manual which demonstrated the work of Dr George Goodheart, a chiropractor from Detroit.  I could not put the book down, it became my second bible.

Graduating from Life College in 1981, I returned to the Detroit.  Determined to do my part to get the information out about the value of chiropractic care and holistic health, I was voted in as district president and became a board member of the Michigan State Chiropractic Association.  My goal was to be the best doctor I could be for my patients, by learning as much as I could to help them.  I was grateful to learn from Dr Goodheart for many years by attending his many seminars, until his passing four years ago.  I have many fond memories of this great physician and healer.

FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSCLE TESTING is a course that I have put together from the work of Dr Goodheart, that will enable anyone invested in the holistic approach to enhance their skills by learning the art of muscle testing in a 10-session hands on course. We’ll explore aspects of the body’s structure, such as muscle strain and joint sprain, and fix what you find.  Also, how this relates to the digestive system and nutrition, how to work with various conditions, and provide solutions that work.  Plus much more!

The idea for the course came from a patient who pointed out the value of knowing some of the muscle tests to monitor her children and family for structural and nutritional needs to keep them healthy.  She also wanted a tool to enhance her work as a massage therapist. After consideration, I realized that there was a need for a course that enhances understanding of holistic health care while providing a tool to access the body and bodily functions, which would be practical in the home and clinical settings.

Fundamentals of MUSCLE TESTING continues to grow, and I’m now offering a 10-session training sponsored by Birmingham Wellness Center with classes held at Irene’s Myomassology Institute.  Enrollment is now open for the course beginning November 8, 2012.


Marc Terebelo, DC  248-645-6070



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