Free Yourself from Anxiety with EFT Tapping!


Anxiety. How many of us have experienced anxiety or nervousness in our lives? If you are human, you’ve felt it at least a few times. However, for a lot of people anxiety can be a chronic problem.  When we look at negative emotions like anxiety, we have to examine our past experiences. Maybe we had a “bad” experience in the past. Something that caused us embarrassment, harm, worry or pain. The experience, along with what we “felt”, was recorded into our subconscious mind. Down the road, something reminds us of that experience. The subconscious mind, which acts like a tape recorder, plays back our original experience. If it was unpleasant, the mind will remember it as such and we will feel the same feelings, even though it’s a different situation. This is due to past programming. And not everyone’s past programming is the same because we all experience things differently.

Tapping can ” de-activate” a negative emotion (anxiety) allowing you to re-program in a positive one (calmness). Tapping, also known as EFT-Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT Tapping or Meridian Tapping, works with the body’s meridian energy system. This system was discovered by the ancient Chinese culture and is used in acupuncture* and acupressure. Meridians are an invisible network of channels (kind of like highways) that run through the body, connecting to all the body parts, and then connecting the body to the unending supply of universal energy or Qi. Anxiety can disrupt the flow of energy in the body; tapping helps re-balance the energy flow.

Tapping works with nine meridian points:  Top of the head, between the eyebrows, the side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, on the chin, on the collarbone, under the arm, and on the hand.  During a series of tapping rounds, we lightly tap on meridian points with the fingertips while addressing the issue that is causing us anxiety. (Please note: If the anxiety is deep, such as in a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, addressing the issue is handled in a way that does not cause more distress) The tapping technique reduces the negative emotional charge around a thought, rendering it neutral. This allows clarity around the situation.  We then have the ability to re-program in new ways of thinking about the issue and can feel more positive, calm and empowered.  The results are amazing!

I will be teaching a class on meridian tapping at the Mystic Connections Fall Gathering at Mott College in Lapeer, October 13th from 10am – 12 pm. It’s easy to learn and you can do it yourself at home. I’ll show you all the tapping points, how to tap and what to say while tapping.  Come and join us so you can witness for yourself the powerful transformation that can take place and the empowerment that tapping can bring to your life.


Rev. Suzanne M. Angèli


Rev. Suzanne is an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Healer Practitioner, Reiki Master and Empath. She specializes in Unique Weddings and Healing Services such as Reiki, Energy Balancing, and Meridian Tapping. She can help to provide relief from stress, resentment, anger and fear that can stop us from moving forward. Call her at 313-505-7958 or visit for blog or more info or e-mail her at


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